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Welcome to our WebStore. Here you can purchase any healing session you wish, as they are shown by pricing and the listing for each session.

Once you have purchased your healing session(s) we will send you an introductory email within 24 hours to confirm your purchase and your information for your new healing work.

Please do allow 24 hours for us to respond, as we email each person individually as we are not an automated service. We take personal care with each individual client we work with.

1 Hour Healing Sessions - $49

Abandonment Clearing, Abundance Blockage Clearing, Abuse Trauma Healing, Acceptance Healing, Attraction Opportunity Healing, Aura Attachments Removal, Aura Layers Healing (Main 7 Layers), Belief Pattern Healing, Co-Dependency Clearing, Control Clearing, Fear Clearing/Healing, Financial Pattern Healing, Forgiveness Healing, Grieving Pattern Healing, Guilt Pattern Healing, Inner Child Healing, Love Meter Healing, Love Pattern Healing, Resistance Clearing/Healing, Scarcity Pattern Healing, Self Esteem/Self Confidence Healing, Self Love Healing, Self Punishment Clearing/Healing, Self Worth Healing, Sexual Energy Healing and Soul Mate Healing

2 Hour Healing Sessions - $99

Akashic Records Healing, Angelic Rebirthing Healing, Astral Cords Healing, Cellular Pattern Healing, Chakra Cellular Memory Healing, Chakra Points Healing/Opening, Chakra Cords Healing, Cosmic Implants Removal Healing, Curse Pattern Removal, Dark Side Pattern Healing, Death Clock Healing, Destiny Healing, DNA Healing/Activation, Emotional Armor Healing, Emotional Balance Healing, Energetic Knots Removal, Energetic Signature Healing, Energetic Weaving Pattern Removal, Floater Removal Healing, Karma Pattern (Basic) Healing, Karmic Cord Healing, Karmic Implants Removal, Karmic Imprints Removal, Karmic Matrix Healing, Meridians Clearing/Healing, Negative/Positive Crystals Healing, Negative Etheric Implants Removal, Open Transference Points Healing, Past Life Cellular Memory Pattern Healing. Past Life Implants Removal, Past Life Karmic Imprints Removal, Protection Pattern Healing. Relationship Cords Healing, Seal Connections Healing, Shadow Attachment Removal, Soul Cleansing (Basic) Healing, Soul Contract Healing, Soul Retrieval/Fragment Healing, Spell Pattern Removal, Spiritual Baggage Removal Healing, Spiritual Parasite Removal Healing, Third Ear Pattern Healing and Third Eye Pattern Healing

2 Hour Healing Sessions - $199

Cycle Pattern Removal, Energetic Alignment Healing, Energetic Borders/Boundaries Healing, Energetic Openings/Voided Areas Healing, Energetic Overflow Clearing, Etheric Blueprint Healing, Four Lower Bodies Healing, Grid Planes Healing, Higher Self Connections Healing, Home Cleansing (Basic), Hot Spots/Vortex Points Removal Healing, Imprinted Layers (LEF) Healing, Karmic Barriers Removal, Karmic Vortex Point Removal Healing, Negativity Patterns Removal, Parallel Existence Connections Healing, Parental Connections Healing, Past Life Portals Removal, Portals (Additional) Removal, Psychic Attachments/Implants Removal, Seven Plane Level of Energetic Reality Healing, Silver Cord of Life Healing. Six Realms of Existence Healing, Soul Matrix Healing, Spiritual Communication Connections Healing, Spiritual Dimension Healing, Spiritual Entity Attachment Removal, Subconscious Matrix Healing, Ten Bodies Healing. Three Sheath Layers Healing, Toxic Energy Pattern Removal and Younger Self Pattern Healing

4 Hour Healing Sessions - $299

Body Systems (All are individual sessions each - Cardiovascular, Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Integumentary, Lymphatic/Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Renal/Excretory, Reproductive, Respiratory, Skeletal, Urinary, All Connections), Divine Source Connection Healing, Family Grid Lines Healing, Incarnation Connections Healing, Interdimensional Planes Healing, Karma Pattern (Family) Healing, Light Bodies Ascension Healing, Subconscious/Conscious Alignment Healing, Thirty One Planes Healing, True Soul Pattern Healing and Tunnels/Wormholes Removal Healing

4-8 Hour Healing Sessions - $499

Communication Connections Healing, Environmental Connections Healing, Home Energy Patterns/Connections Healing, Life/Full Spirit Activation Pattern Healing, Open Connections Healing, Paradigm Patterns Removal Healing, Programming Patterns Removal Healing, Protection Healing (Advanced) and Soul Paradigm Pattern Removal Healing