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All of the testimonials you see below are from actual clients who have submitted them via email. If you wish to submit a testimonial from your healing session you can do this as well after your healing session. All email addresses and last names have been removed for client's privacy reasons.

Nicole, I just wanted to thank you for all the healings you have done for me. The energy scans you did for me in preparation for a customized healing completely blew me away. You are completely accurate in your scans; I related especially to your scans for my soul contract. With your healings, I have been able to transition through difficult periods in my life with greater ease. I started out with a lot of abuse and trauma as well as low vibrational levels that you cleared. I would have been unable to do this on my own using counseling and even other types of energy work.

Jeannie L. (New Mexico)

I am pleased to say that the abundance clearing is working beautifully. Not only do I have a more abundant mindset(I have more of a focus of what I have already instead of what I don't), but my birthday happened 5 days ago, and I am still being showered with clothes and presents more than all of my previous birthdays combined even if the birthday passed already(so greatful to my family and bf for that); and the presents I receive are ones I always wanted/needed! I also was able to more quickly pay off my credit bill conveniently and rapidly, and the things I knew I had a lot of before, I know better now how to manage; and am now using them better/know better how to handle them in the best way. Furthermore, I now find zillions of ways to occupy my time in productive ways I enjoy, so even when I don't have money, I feel as if I do not need it because I have so many other things for free I love, so when I next receive money, I feel like I will have so much already with less of a need to spend impulsively. Also: another perk I'd that I am seldom bored or confused about what to do during my days anymore; always find another productive way to occupy myself, in a way I am passionate about.

Michelle G. (California)

As testament: as soon as you disconnected, I experienced a rush of energy from one of those soulmate connections. That one may have to be a once a month deal. I loved the blessing and felt great.

Kate H. (North Carolina)

Hello Nicole and thank you for all that you do. I just wanted to start off by saying I honestly don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for your healing work. The changes it has made in my life have been incredible. The relationship healing with my husband has changed our connections on so many levels and he and I get along better than we did when we were dating. He is much more attentive and loving and caring. The customized healing for my health has shown great things as my bloodwork has all come back normal, my pain levels have decreased so much that I actually feel like a regular person again and my energy, well let tell you, it is through the roof. It al started slow at first for the first two weeks and then everything hit like a rocket. I am so happy I found you and believe it was truly guided on my path in life. Thank you a million times!

Susan P. (New York City)

Nicole, Thank you for the healing work you did for me. I can really feel the difference as the changes in my body since the healing work were subtle at first and each week it keeps increasing and the results are amazing. I really did enjoy the healing session itself as the energy was very relaxing like I went to the spa. Thank you again and I will keep you updated.

Karen P. (Wisconsin)

Hello,I'd like to share with you the good news that I've recently had a brain MRI for the follow-up of my MS and this time no new or active lesion showed up, this is the first time my brain imagery looks so clean since the five last years! I think the result from the brain mri is very encouraging and certainly linked to my full customized healing. Hopefully the rest of body will follow the same healing path over time.

N. (France)

Dear Nicole, I started my healing work w you on the financial areas thinking, well let’s clean this up so I can pay for this. My fathers healing was paid for by my sister, huge surprise. Then, about 3 weeks after I paid for my customized healing, I received a surprise check that covers half of the cost! Wow! Thanks, Also, after closing over half of my open negative past life portals, my energy and stamina have vastly improved. I’m super excited to begin our 10 day healing journey next week. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Jill S. (St.Augustine, FL)

That just wows me. I spent years training in length in another healing modality and never got results like you have. I wanted to tell you that I had a really nice healing / release yesterday on forgiving myself around my marriage that I couldn’t do for years. I think the self love healing clearing you did helped with that.

Cynthia C. (Gainsville, FL)

I also wanted to share that last time I had a healing with you it was a disconnection of a previous relationship I was so blocked from. You removed him at my request and a month later I met my wonderful partner who I am still with nearly three years on. Never been happier. Thank you! :)

Gina (Sydney)

Nicole, Thank you for the customized healing work you did for my body. I can say it has been 6 months total now and I feel great. The first month I know I went through a lot of detox (and thank you for the detox flushes too) and things were starting to get better. Each week I saw change. It was hard the first month I must admit as I wanted to go back to my old way of thinking but pushed forward with my new positive changes. After the first I would say 5 weeks I saw small changes here and there and then by week 11 oh my goodness the changes kept coming bigger and bigger. I can honestly look back and say I owe this all to you and your amazing healing work. My physical body is in much better shape, bloodwork is normal, emotions are balanced, energy levels are up, sleeping better and my family even sees the change in me. Thank you!

Cameron L. (Miami, FL)

Thank you Nicole for this magnificent work you are doing! My son has been so happy with the latest healings. My lifeand relationships have been so much better since I started getting healings!All the very best!

Pamela (Alaska)

Thank you Ms. Lanning for all of the work you did for me dealing with my cancer. I am so glad I had the full energy scan and did the customized healing instead of just guessing as to which sessions to take with you. Since the customized healing session, supplements and healthy diet my doctors have given me the all clear!! They were shocked with my last scan!! I am still seeing and following up with my traditional doctors to monitor, however I can understand the holistic approach to healing the body now and getting everything balanced and flowing as it should. I wanted to thank you so much for helping me get my life back and please share this on your website as a testimonial!

Matthew R. (Baton Rouge, LA)

Thank you for the amazing healing work you did for me Nicole. I felt such happiness and surges of energy and feel much more grounded, balanced and alive since then. My mind is clear, my body has energy and my focus is clear. Thank you again for everything!

Daisy T. (Denver, CO)

After my healing work was done I saw changes within a few weeks. Slow at first and then things started showing up, getting phone calls, people emailing me out of the blue and everything is moving so fast now. Thank you Nicole for the work you did for me to help remove all problem areas and blockages here.

Will R. (Dallas, TX)

Ms. Nicole you have done a wonderful job on all of my healings. I wanted to thank you and share my experiences. After each one I had a feeling of extra energy and almost like a floating sensation for some time, like I was lighter than air. After this things started to change. I noticed I was much more positive in my daily activities, I had much less resistance and things started to flow more. This was only a day or two after your healings. Then about a week in things really started to shift more for the relationship work here. The physical health issues took a bit longer to see a difference as we worked on multiple areas here. I can say after 6 months so much has changed in my life with your healing work. My relationships are good as gold, the doctors cannot believe the improvements in my health and I am feeling so much better than before. Thank you for all of the wonderful work you do!

Liz P. (Canada)

Thank you Nicole for the healing work you did for my dogs and for the suggestions on supplements as well, as with both the skin cancer is almost gone completely. I took them to the vets before I even found your website and they had given them only a few months to live and now when I took them back after your healing work the tumors were even smaller. Now today the skin tumors are almost completely gone. I believe in Reiki healing for skin cancer. Thank you for all of the help and I will keep you updated on my fur babies!

Karen T. (Orlando, FL)

Nicole, I wanted to say thank you for the healing work you did for my husband Carl. He is doing much better now after the energy scan and customized healing session. I didn't really know what to expect with his health or how the healing was going to help as everyone is different and I didn't know how Carl would respond here. His stress levels have gone down so much his doctor has literally taken him off of some of his anxiety medicine. His chest pain is gone, as the doctors were saying this was from his stress too. He has so much more energy than he ever did. His sense of humor has come back and he is laughing and playing with the kids too. The customized healing session was long as this took a week to complete, however I started seeing changes within him weeks after the healing and now it has been 6 months since the healing session to the final day and it is like I have my husband back. I can't thank you enough for all that you do for everyone.

Caroline B. (Los Angeles, CA)

My husband had the customized healing done with Nicole Lanning and is doing much better with his health, emotional status and energy levels. He had heart problems for years but we didn't know this and when we were informed by traditional doctors we were taken back a bit and next thing you know he was in and out of hospitals and procedures and doctor's offices. This scared the entire family and decided to change our lifestyle. Since the traditional medicine we have incorporated alternative healing work with energy healing and crystal work. We found Nicole and decided to contact her for more information and she explained what she could do for Jack (my husband). We started with an energy scan and decided to get the customized healing work done as she really was thorough, explained everything and knew much more than others we had talked with. After the healing session Jack had a few detox days where a lot of the gunk was releasing here but than he started feeling better each day. I noticed after a week that he was moving easier and was in less pain. After two weeks even more movement and his emotional levels picked up. After three weeks we wanted to go outside and cut the grass while I was working in the garden, which he hasn't done in months! Thank you Nicole for everything you have done. My husband is back and feeling better than ever and you not only helped him, but me as well during this process!

Amelia L. (Raleigh, NC)

Hello, Nicole! :) I was visiting to toronto and my parents and my sister's family in montreal.Got back two days ago, I must to say that I didn't feel the session itself, but results are beyond any reasonable explanation! :) I feel myself whole, I am doing a lot of different practices over many years and I do them because I feel myself really bad in a lot of areas of my life, so by doing practices I am able to rejuvenate energy flow and let of thouths, which is miracle in itself; but what I understand now that I wasn't actually healing; Now with what you do I feel difference, real difference, I spend 3 days with my parents without one incident of feeling down or having conflict with them and believe it's something! :) Thank you very much!

Andrey K. (Canada)

My wife had been suffering from Pseudotumor Cerebri (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension)for the past 8 years. We didn't know what it was and when we found out the doctors were not much help as they pretty much said she needs to lose weight and take these pills and that's all you can do. We looked into the medicines they wanted to put her on, however she was allergic to the main ingredient in them. I started doing some research online and came across Ms. Lanning and her writing on the topic and contacted her about this. She explained some options for us, what she could do and we wanted to try this as traditional doctors were no helping at all. With the supplements and customized healing work my wife feels so much better. She has lost a total of 25 lbs, no longer has massive headaches every day, vision has improved and hormone levels have balanced out. Thank you Ms. Lanning for all of your help! You are a true angel!

Logan M. (Seattle, WA)

Thank you Ms. Lanning for the customized healing work. You have changed my life in so many ways. With the healing work it was like things were unfolding each day here for new surprises. I had some of my family members who I had not spoken with in years contact me and in a positive way! I had my boss call me into his office for a promotion! I had more energy than I have ever had in the last year! My pain from my nerve endings has gone away and I feel so much better! You have changed my life in multiple areas, not just one and wanted to say thank you for all of the time and care you put into my healing work. Please post this as a testimonial on your website for others to see.

Kevin P. (Dallas, TX)

Ms. Nicole Lanning is the best healer I have found in 10 years of having healing sessions. I have tried in person sessions, distant sessions, Reiki session, crystal sessions, sound therapy and much more. You name it I have tried it. I wanted to work on a few things in my life with love and career too. After communicating with Nicole for a few days over email and her explaining so much to me I decide to go with an energy scan to see what was going on in my energy fields. Boy was I surprised at what I found. I thought I was going to have to work on every area, but to my surprise many areas were doing well and some not so much. I weighed the options and with the time and energy I could put into this I decided to have a customized healing session done. Nicole truly is amazing. She is compassionate, understanding and goes the extra mile to help you with what you need. I had all of the work done over the course of a few days with her and I could see the subtle changes happening within about a week or so. The bigger changes took a bit more time and started coming in slowly and the changes appeared more and more. Overall over the course of a few months things went from what I thought I could never fix or have happen in my life to a complete 180 and now I am still grateful every moment I wake up to the love of my life each morning and a new job, with the added bonus on top of this that even some of my health problems started getting better. I know these take a bit longer but wow I really am amazed. Thank you Nicole for all that you do. I wrote this to be used on your website as a testimonial is you will share.

Jennifer A. (New York City, NY)

Blessings to you Ms. Lanning for all of the healing work you have helped me with. You go above and beyond with your sessions with additional clearing work and I cannot thank you enough. My life has changed in so many ways. I remember when I originally started with 1 healing session with you and thought I would try it as I came across your website out of chance and I am so glad I did. You have helped me in so many ways and can honestly say so much as changed because of your help. My family is functioning as a well adjusted family unit now, my career has taken off, my meditation sessions go so much deeper and the message that come through are much clearer now. Healing work takes time and has to process but when it does, boy does it show. You have to put the change into this in your life as well and I think many people just want instant change and that's not how healing work works! Take it from me though if you are undecided or on the fence, give it a try as Ms. Lanning is the real deal. She is very honest, open and tells you what she can and cannot do and goes above and beyond to help you in any area you are struggling with.

Cheryl C. (Los Angeles, CA)

Thank you Nicole for all of your help. Since your healing sessions I have seen a huge change in my love life and relationship with my boyfriend. I am so glad I had the relationship energy scan done first to see where all of the problems were and then had these worked on in a customized session. The changes have been huge! Its only been a few months, but we are communicating better, have met the other one's parent's, are being more open with each other and the love between us has made leaps and bounds in this short amount of time. Thank you again!

Yi Ling W. (Singapore)

I am so glad I decided to have some healing sessions with you Nicole. You are the best. Since I had the cord removal and programming removal work things have changed for the better. I have so much more energy, have been drawn to more positive people and situations in my life and can see the positive energy in my life improving. Thank you again!

Jacqueline P. (Miami, FL)

The healing sessions you did for me Ms. Lanning were fantastic. Thank you I cannot say enough for the help you have given. My life has changed and you are a blessing to me. Thank you again.

Bai L. (China)

Thank you Nicole for your healing sessions you did for me. It has been 4 weeks now and wanted to give you an update on them. For the family sessions I can see a drastic change in our we relate to each other, communicate and even just simple forms of respect that many over look. For the health issues we worked on for a few of my family members I am very pleased to say that they are doing much better and the only thing that we did differently was your healing sessions. We did not alter any medicines or start anything new. Our primary doctor even asked what we did and we explained if was your healing work. Thank you so much for all of your help and please use this as a testimonial on your website.

Suzanne M. (Palo Alto, CA)

Dear Nicole, Thank you for the wonderful healing sessions you have bestowed on my family. Your healing work is from the angels and you have a beautiful soul. You did so much for me and my family and the changes have been happening ever since the first session. It has been almost 4 months now and I can see where we were before and are at now. The change is remarkable and I have you to thank. Please share this on your website. Blessings to you and yours.

Sachio W. (Japan)

Thank you for the wonderful scan session you did and for the follow up healing work Nicole. You really are a true healer and I can honestly say I have loved all of the healing work I have had done with you. My son and husband are starting to see the difference in my life and my co-workers too. I wake up happy now, with more energy than I ever had before and have so much joy to spread to others. My life has literally turned around. Please share this with others on your website as everyone needs to know about your healing work and that they can have help too!

Marcela W. (Santa Fe, NM)

I loved my healing session so much. I decided to go with the customized healing as with pricing it was a much better deal overall. I am so glad I did as things in my life have started to change and I can see the difference. I can't wait to see what else is to come. I am so excited! Thank you so much for what you do and for helping people like me. Blessings on you Ms Lanning.

Sara L. (Dallas, TX)

Thank you again Nicole for all of your help with your healing sessions. I was at a loss of what to do with some of our family and teen issues. With everything that I have explained to you that was going on I was so pleased with how you explained your step by step process, your recommendation of the energy scan work and how detailed you were with everything. I was referred to you by a friend and can say I was so happy I sent that first email to you. I was not sure what to expect but here I am today with all of these positive changes in my life and can only see more coming. Thank you for all of your help with my family, children and health issues.

Janet R. (Beverly Hills, CA)

Thank you for such a wonderful healing session Nicole. I could feel the energy and feel so much lighter and happier now afterwards. You are an amazing healer. Thanks again!

Jennifer B. (Orlando, FL)

I wanted to send you an update after my customized healing and the one I had for my husband too. Things have changed so much in our, in a positive way, since I last spoke with you and I believe this is from all of the healing work you have done to help us open up pathways, opportunities, heal our relationship and how much we have grown. I know you are very busy so I will keep this brief. In short we ended up getting the home we had a bid in for, and for even a lesser price than we expected. Our family opened up to our relationship which helped things so much and ease all of the tension. It was like one day things were bad and the next day there was this huge shift. You are a true Earth Angel!

Susan H. (California, USA)

I have never such an emotional releasing till I had your emotional healing sessions done. I have other healing work done before but none of the other healers I worked with ever had such an impact as I had with your sessions. Thank you for the absolutely fabulous work!

Sharon Lee M, (USA)

My health is getting better each day. The words "Thank you" just can't explain how much you have helped me, as I feel like I have my life back. Since the customized healing work we did my energy levels keep increasing, I am not so sluggish, I have the drive to get things done, I don't sleep 10 hours a night anymore (7-8 now) and my body just feels better (muscles aren't hurting all the time). It's been 2 months and keep seeing progress. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May you be blessed in all areas of your life for helping so many people in need!

Mary F. (Australia)

My mother loved her new healing work. She really enjoyed the energetic alignment and can't wait for her other ones. She says she feels lighter and has more energy then before. Thank you Nicole from both of us!

Sam B (USA)

I can't believe how much things have changed since I had the healing work for abundance and finances. I received an unexpected back payment from a company who refused to fix the issue we had with the contractor until then. We also won $500 6 days after the healing work on a scratch off ticket and my husband's brother ended up coming over and doing the rest of the work on the house for us for free! Thank you and can't wait to see what else is in store for us!

Trish T. (Dallas, TX)

I am still amazed at the results I had from your healing work. I have never experienced a connection like yours which not only felt calming but energizing too. The detox from these were a bit intense so I appreciate your free detox flush work too, as this helped so much! Thanks again for the healing work!

William C. (New York)

Ms. Lanning, I cannot thank you enough for the healing work I did with you over the last six months. I wanted to send you an update and let you know how things were doing. I ended up getting that promotion at work and the pay increase was more than I had even expected. My relationship with my boyfriend is so much better. We have worked out so many of our issues and all of the healing work has helped so much. I will be back for more healing work soon for my family members for the holidays!

Jennifer M. (Sweden)

Thank you Nicole for all of the healing work you have done for me. I can honestly say I see the things making a huge impact as at first things were a slow process but each day seemed better and better. I think the best one I had was the programming pattern removal one as this one seemed to help in so many areas of my life from one healing session. Thank you again.

J.R. Washington (USA)

Nicole you really are a beautiful soul! The healings are really helping me in so many areas and I know things take time to integrate fully but I can already see changes here and there and am so happy with your work. Thank you also for all of the additional things you helped me with for crystals and herbal work. You are a wonderful person and beautiful soul!

Sheena W. (USA)

I just want to thank you, Nicole for all of the Healings that I've had. Because of the incredibly painful muscle spasms from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, for the past 22 years, my life had been so topsy turvy and confusing. I was easily upset and emotional; and doctors said I would only get worse. These healings are giving me my life back and making me bounce back from negativity quicker, and be more calm and happy. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am!!!! My sons have noticed the change in me, and our home is more peaceful and happy!

Pamela (Alaska)

First and foremost let me just say WOW !!! Where do I even begin? I have been in a state of calm from the time the session has started , I was so calm that I had dosed off 15 minutes into the session despite trying to stay awake and when I woke up my body was physically feeling so light and free and my mind was actually quiet , I did not experience the excess mind chatter that is normally followed with the feeling of frustration and it is still like that ! I am just feeling so happy in general and also that I have finally achieved this kind of inner peace that I have been longing for. My attitude has changed drastically in this short span of time I don't let the little things get to me anymore and I'm feeling so hopeful about the future. After this session I know for a fact I will be back for more . I have never experienced this with the other healers I have been to. You are definitely an ANGEL who walks among us on Earth.

Melesha E. (South Africa)

Please share this testimonial with others Ms Lanning as I want everyone to know of my life changing experiences with your healing work. I had a full energy scan session with you and then decided to have a customized healing for the areas that were in the scan. The session itself was calm but intense at the same time. I was relaxed but could tell you were connected in with my energy and could feel changes going on. I know everyone doesn't always feel things like I do, but the session was wonderful. After this things shifted greatly in my life on every level. My emotions were not all over the place, my health started to improve, my goals were making progress (which I ended up achieving one so far!) and my relationships are doing GREAT! I have been looking for a genuine healer for some time and have been to a lot of in person and distant sessions, but none were as good as yours. Thanks again for all that you do for everyone that you help and may you be blessed in all areas of your life!

Robert C. (Dallas, TX)

Thank you for such an amazing healing session. Since then I have had a lot of changes in this past month that had made a huge impact on my life. All of them were positive and all of them had to deal with my life goal. I am so glad I had the healing sessions with you to draw this in as I cannot thank you enough!

Margo R. (Los Angeles, CA)

Thank you for the healing work I had last week. I feel so much more calm and balanced with my emotions now. The detox from the session was strong for the first day but things evened out after this and now I honestly feel happiness, gratitude and peace from within! Thank you so much for your healing abilities!

Carmen V. (UK)

A year back I had done a 40 area customized healing for myself with Nicole. Looking back, my life is completely different compared to a year back. I have found greater clarity, direction on my life path, career. I am more settled financially, emotionally. Your healing is amazing. I thank you for doing such a great job. God bless you.

Aditi J. (India)

Thank you for the customized healing session. I wanted to wait to send in my email about the session till I saw how things were integrating here for my energy fields. I can honestly say that so many things have changed for the positive. They were small changes at first, but noticed they were getting more and more frequent of how things turned around. I ended up winning some money in a scratch off lottery ticket, which I never win these ever! My boyfriend issues have been worked out and we are now talking about moving in together. My relationship with my mother has changed so much that I want to spend more and more time with her. My job has improved drastically and I am up for a promotion. My health is feeling much much better, as I know it takes time and all of the health problems didn't appear over night but I can see the positive changes already. I feel so much more calm and at peace and can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the work that you did! Love to you!

Paige H. (New York City, NY)

What a great session I had! This was truly amazing! I have tried other healers before but have never felt so calm during the healing session. You have such a calm and peaceful connection, the energies are so relaxing and the releasements feel so much better. I ended up falling asleep during the healing at some point and work up feel so refreshed and full of energy. Thank you for the healing session and I will let you know how this helps in my daily life!

Trina T. (Dallas, TX)

Thank you Nicole for the healing session I had done. I could sense the connection and during the healing session I had a very peaceful feeling come over me that I have not felt in many many years. This was a blessing that I had not expected. I could also sense when the session was over too. I did not see immediate changes, however I do understand that healing work has to integrate fully so I wanted to let you know after everything what had happened. It was three weeks after the session and the abundance, money and so many positive things started to come into my life in many different ways. When selecting these healing sessions I opted for the abundance, scarcity, financial and attraction ones to make sure I had all of the connecting areas to be worked on, but I honestly was just hoping to change some things around here and there. Boy did things change and in a GREAT way. I cannot thank you enough for this help in getting back on the right track and having things shift this way!

Carl R. (Nashville, TN)

Nicole you have changed so much in my life around with just some of the healing work you did that I have not been able to do in years. I focused and did a lot of the things I could find on my own but could not locate the areas in my energy patterns to work on or know what the blockages looked like. Since my abundance/financial/scarcity session I have had so much turn around it is crazy to see it all and think I should have done this sooner. But I am just glad I came across your site when I asked my angels for a sign to help me. My boss ended up giving me the promotion, my husband found a new job when all we could see was everyone saying no to him, and my two sisters even paid me back the money the owed me. This is in the order in which they came in over the course of 5 weeks. It seems like things just started turning around for me again and I can't be happier! Thank you again for all of the work you did for me and for being so nice, understanding and helpful with your answers!

Gia T. (Denver, CO)

Thank you Ma'am Ms. Lanning for the healing work for my husband and my marriage. Since the customized healing done last month things have been much better with our communication, affection and interaction. You did a great job with the energy scan to let me know where we were connected and shared our energy and the problems there too. The custom session for us you did was great. The detox did have some issues, so I want to thank you again for the additional detox work you did here for the both of us. My husband and I are the happiest now than we have been in 7 years.

Anonymous (India)

Thank you Nicole for the most amazing healing work I have ever had. The energy scan was so helpful to have done first to see what areas I needed to work on. I decided to have the customized session with you as this way I could just clear out all of the issues and have everything back to where it should be for my energy levels. The first day of the healing I was very calm as I had this sense of peace come over me. That evening I had a lot of emotional issues come to the surface and the second day of the healing I was feeling so many changes coming from within. I know all of the areas take time to integrate, however with these coming up I tried something different to simply allow them to be and move on out instead of thinking and re-thinking them over and over again and holding onto the past. I could not believe how quickly I was able to let them go. Now that I am integrating the healing I can only say thank you very much for your time and work! I feel my life changing already!

Karen L. (Orlando, FL)

Hi, Nicole. I just had to let you know this, as I am still quite shocked, but definitely most grateful. After these sessions with you on Friday, I had some paperwork to do over the weekend, and had to get started on gathering information to do my taxes. I have used a CPA every year for the past 6 years to do my taxes (paying $450 to get them done!), and decided to just do them myself on TurboTax today. I followed everything very accurately, and in addition to saving the $450 bill from my CPA, I found I was entitled to receiving several thousand dollars back on my federal and state taxes! I got some extra tax credits for the first time this year, and got my first tax refund in probably 15-20 years!! And both refunds are very sizeable!! I am still in shock! I am telling you.......these healings from Friday really have packed a powerful punch!! Wow.....I am so excited - and VERY grateful to you! Thank you so much!

Vicky P. (Eden Prairie, MN)

Nicole your healing work is truly amazing. The other healers I have gone to only know about the chakras and auras and they don't really know how to scan very well or what they are looking for. Your scan work and detailed report that you gave me had so much information in it I was so happy to finally have a healer who could understand what my problems were, where they were at and how to work on them. Now as for the healing work, what can I say but I am so very thankful and blessed to have come across your website. I honestly feel like a new person and all of the negativity is gone, all of the draining attachments are gone. The session took some time and the integration and detox did as well, but now after I have worked through everything I look back and am very thankful that I decided to have the healing work done with you. I can honestly tell all of my friends that you are the real deal from personal experience! Thank you again and may the Universe bless you in all areas of your life!

Maria L. (United Kingdom)

Hi Nicole. Thank you so much. I am very glad I found you through facebook.. I have spent so much money trying to find/get help and you have already done more for me in one session than all of the healings I have had combined :) so thank you.

Daniel H. (Australia)

The work of Nicole Lanning and Healing Art Forms was such a miracle to my life! Before having this healing work, I felt overwhelmed, oppressed, and energetically tied and drained to others! I tried many forms of healing, but it always felt like I only removed an ounce of pain from an ocean of emotions! Ms. Lanning listened to my concerns and provided several options for healing. The work that I did was initially progressive, and eventually I did the full energetic scan to get a bird's eye perspective on my energetic fields! I followed the suggested healing, and within weeks became a brand new person! Full of hope, renewed, and lighter! Not only does Ms. Lanning assist to heal, but she is also a teacher at heart; I watch the video archive teachings to learn more on this work. If you are unsure if this is the work for you, set your hope and intention high and be prepared for your life to change for the better! Thanks for your wonderful assistance, Healing Art Forms!

Alecia E. (Silver Spring, MD)

The abundance blockage clearing session was just what I needed. I felt like I was on the verge of getting what I wanted but there was just something standing in my way. After the session I felt so much calmer than before and within 12 days (yes I counted them) I had a resolution to the problem that was in my way and I can honestly say abundance has been coming in from all areas since then! Thank you for all of your help!

Thomas M. (Miami, FL)

Ms. Lanning I cannot thank you enough for the healing work you have done for me. My relationship with my husband is better than ever. I am so glad I decided to do the relationship scan first and then the customized healing work. We are communicating better, listening to each other instead of judging and making assumptions, and just overall much much happier. I wish I had done this years ago as it feels like it did when we were dating. Thank you again for all of your work and help in healing our relationship and marriage!

Suzanne T. (Dallas, TX)

Hi Nicole, I have been loving these sessions. I can really feel the difference. I am amazed as to how many issues I have been carrying with me, and I am looking forward to life that is lighter and free of the negative beliefs.

Andrea P. (D'Iberville, MS)

Honestly I did not know what to expect from a distant healing session, but could not find a local healer that I felt drawn too so I started looking online. When I came across your website I felt like I was at home and some actually knew what they were talking about when it came to the healing process. I know I emailed you quite a bit before I decided to purchase some healing work and I do appreciate your answering so quickly as so many people don't these days. I felt like I could trust you and your healing work so I decided to purchase some sessions. I also appreciate your ability to work with my schedule for them. I can only say that they were some of the best experiences I have ever had with any type of healing (and I have tried many of them out there). I saw results from my sessions within a few days for one and a few weeks for another. The last one I did it has been just over a week and I can see things starting to unfold here for it. I will keep you updated on this soon!

Randy R. (New York)

Thank you for the awesome session I had last week. The healing was incredible, as I was so relaxed I fell asleep and almost never take naps during the day. I have never felt so much peace and comfort during a healing session. You have a true ability and gift and am glad I came across your website! Thanks again and I will keep you updated on my progress!

Mona M. (Orlando, FL)

Oh Nicole If I lived in the States I would have made the effort to come see you personally for the massive job you did for me and give you a big as HUG. Thank You Dear So Much. I am feeling so much better and that I now trust that I can do most anything. People do not realize what an Aura Clearing can do for them. I'm so glad I had this done. You have a friend in Me for Life. Thanks once again.

Rachael H. (New Zealand)

Nicole thank you for the healing you've done with my chakras!! I'm already feeling more balanced, just a slight bit more focused and more energy than before! I'm so happy! I'm finding peace, clarity and happiness again! You never know how much you appreciate your own mental clarity, until it's not so clear. I am so excited to continue working with you! You are amazing! Thank you again! I know you will help me greatly, as you already have!!! :) :) :)

Sherry T. (Reisterstown, MD)

The financial blessing healing I had with you has changed so many things in such a short amount of time. I ended up first seeing positive changes in how I thought about my finances, and thought this is just my positive thinking going on. But then I started receiving money that was owed to me that I never thought would ever come in. Not only that my boss gave me a promotion and I then won $20 on an instant scratch off ticket, and I never win anything on those. Thank you for the incredible work you do for others!

Samuel P. (Jacksonville, FL)

You are so amazing with the work that you do that I had to send you an email and let you know how things has helped my life. After the healing session I had a lot of emotional releasements in my life for 3 days. I had know idea I had all of these bound up until the healing session. Once these were all cleared up and gone I felt like a new person. My detox was strong and powerful and I appreciated all of the additional detox work you helped me with free of charge as well. After this I felt like a new man. My girlfriend has complimented me on my new lease on life and my family keeps saying these see such a positive and loving change as well. You have helped me in so many ways Nicole that I cannot express in words. Thank you from the bottom of my soul!

Alex C. (Denver, CO)

Thank you for your amazing work. I did not have a chance to email until now to let you know of the progress after my healing. I am happy and excited to let you know that I got a job offer, and not just any job offer, but the one I had been wanting for some time. It not only happened so quickly but without any problems either. It almost seemed too good to be true. I cannot thank you enough for the help in clearing the blockages for my abundance issues and how this has truly opened up what I have been wanting for a long time. Thank you again for your wonderful healing work Ms. Lanning.

Ben M. (Daytona Beach, FL)

I wanted to say a special "Thank You" for the soul cleansing session I had with you yesterday Ms. Lanning. The energy was so calming and relaxing as I had never felt before from any other healers. I typically feel overwhelmed, anxious and feeling as if I cannot sit still from the uncontrolled way that some people do their healing work. Yours was much different, as I could sense the connection, could feel your presence and the work that you were doing. The session was so relaxing I decided to focus and go into a meditative state during it. This was when I met my spirit animal! I have never had an experience like this before, as I have always wanted to know my main spirit animal guide and this came through as well. Your report was spot on and it felt like you knew everything about multiple areas of my life and energy fields that no one other than myself could ever explain. You are very gifted in not only your intuition and psychic abilities but also in your healing work. Thank you again!

Walter H. (UK)

Thank you Nicole for the beautiful healing session that you did for me and my husband. We cannot thank you enough as the positive energy for our relationship now has been stronger than ever. The first week after the session we could see things changing as to how we approached each other and worked through issues. The second and third weeks we noticed we were spending more positive time together and by now the fourth week since the Relationship Cord Healing we feel as if we did when we first fell in love. The anger and resentment have been worked through not only in the physical format with our communication but also on the energetic level with your healing. We are so happy and wanted you to know how much this session has changed our lives. If you wish to use this as a testimonial on your website, we would be honored for you to share our story with the world about your healing sessions. Thank you from bottom of our hearts!

Grace A. (Topeka, KS)

Ms. Lanning you have done so much to help me with all of your free healing offers on the Facebook Page that I wanted to try a distant healing with you, as this is why I decided on the love blessing session. The session itself was very relaxed for me, as I have had some distant healings where the energy is not as comforting during the actual session, but yours was relaxing from the moment you started till the end of the session. Since then I have had tremendous positive love occurrences come u, and even from people I didn't think were possible. The love blessing has help me not only be open to love again but also accept myself more, express positive forms of love instead of pity for myself and just overall be open to all of the positive love that is in the Universe. I will keep you updated as things progress. Thank you for all that you do!

Sydney F. (Olympia, WA)

The younger self releasement session was amazing. I could feel you connect in with me and then I drifted off to sleep. This is not typical for me, as I do not normally take naps in the daytime, but your energy connection and the healing work was so calming and comforting to me. When I awoke I felt as if I was whole again. It is had to explain in an email or even words, but it was as if all of the lower vibrational patterns, old patterning of myself and all of the old gunk that I went through has not been released and everything is back up to a high vibrating state when I can feel as peace, harmony and focused. Thank you for the absolutely astonishing work that you did!

Shirley C. (Ireland)

Thank you Nicole for the wonderful healing work that you did for me. I could feel you connect in with my energy and then was very relaxed during the actual healing work. Your energy is very strong as I have had many other sessions with other practitioners, but yours is much different in a way that is calming, comforting, relaxing, and smooth during the healing work itself. Since the session I have seen tremendous change in my own pathway that I did not think I would ever see if this lifetime. I have tried many other healers, different forms of healing and have never made as much progress as I have had with just this session. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the work that you do and that our paths have crossed, as I know that everything does happen for a reason!

Stacy W. (Dallas, TX)

Thank you Ms. Lanning for my energetic alignment healing session. I felt this incredible calming sensation come over me during my healing. It was as if the angels were wrapping in peace and I ended up drifting off to sleep in the middle of the day, which is not like me at all. When I work up 2 hours later I had a major boost of energy, which part of my brain was saying it was because I just took a nap, but the vibrant energy continued all day long. I then slept that night the best night's sleep I had in months and I still have this new found energy from the session even today over 2 weeks later. My grounding is stronger, my centering is stronger and my energy flow is so much more balanced! Thank you again for the awesome work that you do!

Geena D. (Boston, MA)

Hi Nicole, I thought I would share something with you. As I have read though some of your testimonials over the past few weeks, I have both enjoyed and been amused my the number of people; who after having had the financial, scarcity and abundance clearings, have found 20 dollar bills on the ground (Humm why 20$ ?). Well low and behold, yesterday while at work I found a 20 dollar bill on the ground. What was even more interesting is there were many people standing around it ( some standing closer to it than I was) , who did not see it. I think it is a confirmation from source that each person is coming into their own abundance. Thank once again for the work you have done

Lorenzo F, (Brooklyn, NY)

Thank you Ms. Lanning for my healing session. I work up this morning feeling so much lighter and then after reading your report I can relate to everything you explained about the problems and all the time frames also are when I had some really bad times in my life. Incredible! Thank you again and I look forward to more healings soon!

Jake P. (Tampa, FL)

Ms. Nicole, you are TRULY a gift from GOD:) God bless you for the healing that you have done for me, last night at nine I fell asleep during the healing because I was very tired from the day I was having but I trusted all would be well and I woke up feeling very positive about finances and abundance. I said my usual money prosperity and abundance affirmations and I truly felt them to be so, the report that you have sent me about the healing work you have done for me is so thorough and I know that you are highly connected to Source and a clear and open channel..I have had other" healings" done before but You are the real deal, in fact after this email I am purchasing two more healings and there will be more that I will purchase from you for the issues I am dealing with in this lifetime.Thank you, Earth Angel:)

Michelle N. (Seffner, FL)

I had your Financial Blessing, Abundance Blockage Clearing and Scarcity Clearing sessions done 3 weeks ago and wanted to update you on what has happened since then. The healing session was amazing and the energy was very relaxing and subtle, so this I enjoyed very much as I do not like a ton of detox issues with healing work, so I appreciate the additional detox clearing that you did as well. Since then I have found a new job, that I did not think I would ever be even considered for, I have won quite a few small amounts with scratch off tickets, which I never had won anything before, and I even found a $20 bill on the floor of my office building. I asked around and no one claimed it was their's (which you would think everyone would)! Things are moving in a positive direction. Thank you for the wonderful work you do for everyone!

Matthew R. (Jacksonville, FL)

Your healing work is amazing. I had done my own healing work with self healings, as I just started this about 6 months ago, and have gone to different healers over the past 5 years for a few physical and emotional issues. The emotional balance session was very calming at first, as I stretched out on my bed, closed my eyes and focused on letting go of all this gunk. I felt like a wave of relaxation come over me when you started. I felt as if all of my fears and sadness were being pulled out of me. When the healing was done I felt like I had to journal everything down, not quite sure why but was inspired to do this. I sat there for over 2 hours just getting all of these emotions out. All of the releasements and emotions came to the surface as I had never experienced before. It has now been a week since the healing and I can say that my emotional status is finally balanced and I am not moody any more! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jennifer R. (Dayton, Ohio)

Thank you for the wonderful healing session Ms. Lanning. I do not typically feel the energy work during any healing sessions I have done, but when it was time for my healing session with you my body became very relaxed as if I had been meditating for a long time. All of the tension seemed to ease away and I felt at peace. Once the session was over I felt like I had a rush of positive energy going through me as if I had drank some energy drinks (which I didn't) and I felt so energized. The energy boost healing has had a tremendous effect on me. I look forward to working with you on some more healing work! Thanks again!

Andrew M. (Tampa, FL)

Thank you for healing work you done. I couldn't believe this ! Today he got suddenly all things moving on his business which were stuck for long time. Also already some money came in from new client! It works! It looks like we need to be doing this long time ago. :-)

Iveta B. (United Kingdom)

"I've had distance energy healing done before from different people, but the ones that you did were very unique. This was the first time that I could actually feel the different sensations of the healing energy work being done... it was very interesting... the tingling and dizziness and the "extracting" of the negative energies. And this morning when I woke up, for the first time in a long while, I actually felt balanced and happy, and when I look in the mirror, my eyes are so bright and clear... it's like an oppressive "fog" has been lifted! I'm looking forward to doing more healing sessions! Thank You so much, Nicole!!!"

Julie G. (Northwest Glendale, CA)

Thank you for my quantum boost healing session. I could feel the connection you made with me and from the moment the healing session started I felt this wave of energy move throughout my body. It started at the top of my crown chakra and moved its way down through my whole body, then back up again and then the coolest part was how this felt like it was ridding my body of all of the excess gunk on my energy fields. It was amazing. I rested up after the session and slept like a baby that night. I feel so alive this morning and have this new found energy and exhilaration about me. Thank you so much Ms. Lanning!

Patty R. (Tampa, FL)

Thank you Ms. Lanning for your help in my healing work. I loved the energy boost session that I had. I feel so much better and am glad that the negative stuff is out of my energy so that I can enjoy the good flowing energy now. Thanks again for your help.

Jen T. (United Kingdom)

Your work is amazing to say the least! Your abilities with your healing work and readings are dead on accurate. With my chakra healing session I was surprised at how you nailed all of the issues I was having with my chakras without me telling you. I have been to other healers and they could not tell me what was wrong with them, as I knew exactly which chakras were giving me a hard time but I myself was having a hard time removing the deep problems here. You not only knew where they were, but you removed them and I can feel the difference now with my own self healing and how much more balanced I feel. Your psychic readings are truly a gift! You not only got the names of the people I am interested in but gave me so many details and help explained so much more than I ever knew or received from any other psychic! I could not be anymore happy than I am right now with your services. Thank you so much Nicole for all that you have helped me with!

Julia B. (Atlanta, GA)

Your healing sessions are extraordinary! Out of the ones I have had so far I enjoyed the abundance blockage clearing, financial blessing and scarcity clearing sessions the most. I am one who is not as sensitive to feeling energy as some others are during the actual healing sessions, so I have to go by how I feel afterwards and how things shift and change in my life, which I know a lot of people are this way as well. Since the trio healing you did for me I had wonderful forms of abundance come into my life from an old friend sending me money I lent to them over 10 year ago. That was the biggest jaw dropping moment for me! I can't wait to have more healing work done for other pressing issues in my life. Thank you Ms. Lanning from the bottom of my heart!

Sunny T. (New York City, New York)

The emotional balance session blew me away. I hear choirs of angels when I was about half way through the session and at the end I could see a wonderful waterfall with rainbow colored mist cleansing everything. Thank you for the connection you have with the Divine Spirit to provide the healing work that you do.

Anton C. (Santa Fe, NM)

The abundance clearing session was fabulous! I feel so much lighter and free-er now than I did before. It has only been 8 days since the session, but I have already had a dramatic shift in abundance in my life. I won $12 on a scratch off ticket (and I never win on them), was offered a major discount at the store when I went x-mas shopping (which was a huge surprise) and even had a neighbor bring over some holiday food (which she has never done and is an abundance of me not cooking - I am not the greatest cook!). Thank you again for the session and with only being 8 days in I cannot wait to see what else my new high vibrational energy will draw into my life!

Kanmme R. (Seattle, WA)

Thank you for the healing session. I enjoyed this very much. It was a wonderful treat for the holiday season with all of the stress and anxiety that I had building. I am so much more calm, focused and relaxed. My sensations of the healing session came afterwards, as during the session I decided to sit down and focus my intention but was drawn to reading a book on healing that I had been putting off until now. It was a little while after this that I went to lay down in bed and was overwhelmed with this calming sensation and relaxed energy out of no where. I closed my eyes and have never felt such an overwhelming sense of peace, tranquility and healing. The energetic body flushing was the best session I have ever had for in person or distant healing work. I cannot thank you enough for the work that you did and for what you provide for others. You truly are connected in and have wonderful abilities. Thanks again!

Marcel N. (Jacksonville, FL)

I thoroughly enjoyed my healing work Nicole. Thank you very much for your help in clearing out of the problem areas with my chakras. I had been working on removing a large blockage within my root chakra for some time and could not get this to budge. I had felt this blockage for over 9 months and now I can feel the positive energy flow here and no longer have this "large stone" I had been feeling for quite some time. I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this. I can feel the energy flow again instead of the "stuck" feeling I had for quite some time. Thanks again!

Candice R. (Australia)

I enjoyed the Love blessing healing session very much. I saw pink clouds floating and purple light. And fell asleep for a hour. I want to say Thank you very much for the healing session.

Peggy G. (Holtville, CA)

During my session I felt as if all of the negative energy was leaving my body. It is hard to explain into words as I am not the greatest at explanations, but it felt like all of the gunk was removed and that I was then filled with love pouring into my body. I didn't know what to think about all of this as I had never experienced such a feeling like this before. With some healing sessions I don't feel anything and others I can sorta feel like something is happening, and even in person sessions I can sometimes feel something and sometimes I don't. But your energy and your healing work is so strong, yet gentle, that I knew I was feeling the healing work. I fell asleep after my session and had the best night's sleep I had had in over two months. Thanks for all that you do!

Treiss A. (United Kingdom)

I enjoyed my session so much that I wanted to share with you my experience with it. Since my quantum boost healing I cannot explain how much my energy has increased. Not just with my own energy and vibrational level but with the healing work I provide to the animals at the shelter. It is incredible! I feel like I have a ton of energy, vibrant, and full of life and everyone asks me what I did and I tell them about you, my healing I had and how this has increased all of the energy and healing I have. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sofia H. (Boston, MA)

Nicole, your healing work is amazing. After I had the relationship cord healing I can definitely see the difference in how I respond to my partner and how they respond to me. It has been a major life saving change for our relationship. It has been three months since the healing work and I started noticing changes smaller positive changes within the first few weeks and the major changes and energy shift occurred within the second month and it just keeps getting better and better each day. I thank you for your help in this area of my life and wish you all the happiest in the world.

Carl R. (Seattle, Washington)

Thank you so much Nicole. Yes i loved the Quantum Boost Healing. Wow during the session i saw beautiful colors and bright lights. I even saw what looked like a hurricane. The trees were blowing fiercely and the dust was so bad that i could barely see. Then it all cleared up and i was in a star galaxy with many beautiful stars and beautiful blue lights. I felt so relaxed and feel asleep after a while during the session and didn't want to get up because it felt so good.

Penny W. (Holtville, California- USA)

Lucky is back to his happy and healthy self. Thank you Nicole for the emotional releasment healing you did for him. Since the fight between my two dogs, Lucky has not been the same emotionally. After the healing session I could see a change in him over the first few days. It has been just over a week now and he is back to his happy and playful self. He is playing with his toys again, running all over the backyard, jumping at the frisbee and wanting to play with Charm as well. Thank you again for helping with this emotional releasement for him!

Amiee R. (Nashville, KY)

I cannot thank you enough for the healing session that you gave me Nicole. Since my deep fear cleansing healing session I have had major progress that I did not think would ever be possible. The biggest accomplishment for this was my fear of snakes. I could not be anywhere around them, could not go in the reptile house at the zoo, would have anxiety attacks even when someone would joke of snakes. It was bad! I am happy to report that I actually held a snake for the first time at the zoo this week when I took my kids there. My kids held it and then it was my turn. I didn't panic. I just held this and smiled. Once the zoo keeper took this out of my hands I broke down and cried and could feel the emotional releasement come from all levels of my body. I cannot thank you enough for helping me conquer such a major hurdle in my life.

Beth S. (Orlando, FL)

My healing session was amazing! I felt like I was surround by abundance and was being given this absolutely wonderful gift. I wanted to wait until the energy fully integrated before I contacted you to let you know how things had been going since my healing session. Since then I had two new job offers, won $20 on a scratch off ticket (when I thought I won $2 instead) and my sister repaid me the money that she owed me for over 2 years. Thank you again for this session, as it has not only helped increase the abundance energy flow for me, but it has also helped me shift my mindset into a positive abundance one to help maintain my new positive energy flow.

Cindy L. (Dallas, TX)

Thank you Nicole for the excellent healing session. I was not quite sure what to expect for the session or if I would "feel" something or not. I went to rest in bed for the healing session and within a few moments I felt very relaxed, which is not typical for me as I am a very high strung person. This overwhelming calm sensation came over me (my body and my mind) and I had not felt like this in a very very very long time. I closed my eyes and was there for thirty minutes or so before I felt like I was floating on air. I opened my eyes to notice that I was still in bed, but still felt like I was floating. This was such an amazing session and I am very grateful for the healing work that you did for me and can already feel the change within my energy fields.

Robert C. (Denver, CO)

Wow! Yesterday, the energy was so powerful that it knocked me out for the entire time you were doing it for me. It was great. I could feel you working on me and when you finished, I could feel that too. I felt much lighter and clearer. I felt a lot of love. To share, as you were getting closer to finishing, i saw colourful balloons popping into my head, which made me think of joy and freedom, which I hoped is the sign of freedom from "obligation" that I am seeking.

Poornima K. (Ontario, Canada)

Thank you so much Nicole. Yes i loved the session. I saw different colors and images in my mind and then fell asleep for two hours. It was amazing. I felt so relaxed afterwards. Wow you had to do to do a lot of repairing and that makes sense now why i hardly would ever receive abundance of things easily in my life. Now i will be open to receive at a much faster rate. I am so thankful to you for this blessing. I will let you know when things start happening differently in good ways from this blessing. Have a great and blessed day.

Penny W. (Holtville, California- USA)

Thank you Nicole for your valuable help with your sessions. The energetic scan was very informative and everything you have explained was very accurate and precise. The healing work I had with your customized healing session was incredible as I could feel the energy movement along with a sense of peace and calm during our session together. Since my healing work the problem areas I have been dealing with are getting better and better each day and I have noticed a lot of improvement. Thank you again for the incredible healing that you provided for me! May you be blessed in all areas of your life!

Craig T. (Dayton, Ohio)

Nicole, thank you very much for taking the time out to do this for us.(energy shift updates in the newsletter) You have some form of free energetic support every day for us, and its proven invaluable and shows the kindness, thoughtfulness, concern, and generosity you have. I'm very thankful that you are taking the time out of your busy day every day to do this for us. Thank you.

Spencer D. (Florida - USA)

It was an awesome session! I?m a practicing Reiki Master, attuned to some 10 or more flavors of Reiki & Seichim over the years.As a Energy Worker,I've had some pretty amazing & intense healing sessions,both ones I've given & several I've received as well. Your session ranks up at the top! I really felt you working on me,I literally saw you hovering above me during the session.The energy was palpable & intense,but not overly so.I saw streams of colors hovering around me,Angels swooping in & around me,felt several places on my body that simply ?released? something,it was a very tangible feeling of something being removed.Near the end was the best.I saw one blue light at first.When I ?focused? on it, it grew into a sapphire gem.Then it multiplied into tens,then hundreds,then thousands, & finally just uncountable amounts that formed a stream that entered into my entire body.I literally felt like I had been filled with billions of dollars in these sacred jewels! It was exhilarating!

Tony G. (Germantown, MD)

I am amazed at your healing abilities Ms. Lanning, as I have had distant healing work done before as I could not find any local healers that I felt a connection with. Once I saw your videos and experienced your energy from your free healing photos I knew you were the real thing as I could feel the positive, comforting, and loving energy coming from your soul. With the customized healing that I had the energy blew me away as I had never had such a powerful healing session. Your gifts are amazing and very strong and I am blessed to have crossed paths with you in my life. Thank you for the healing work and may you be blessed to help others with their own healing journey as you have helped me!

Tony R. (New York City, NY)

Thank you Nicole for the wonderful session I had. I don't normally fall asleep during any healing work but your energy was so powerful and relaxing and calming that I drifted off to sleep before I knew it and woke up later on in the evening feeling refreshed and renewed. I had the most amazing vision while I was sleeping and attribute this to the healing work that was completed. I feel like all of the negative energy is now gone from these areas of my life and can finally focus my full power on my goals! Thank you again for such an amazing session!

Carol F. (Amarillo, TX)

Thank you, Nichole! I did, very much enjoy my session, and I feel very positive about the healing. Very relaxing, and you did a wonderfully thorough healing.

Kathy T. (North Carolina - USA)

Thank you so much Nicole for this healing session, I literally felt your connection to my aura field from the start, an I felt like I was a magnet and you had one of opposite pulling negative issues out of my force field. I could feel the angelic energy flush and feel good that these issues were repaired and healed.

Curtis E. (Vancouver, WA)

I feel I am getting much stronger guidance than before and so assisting them very positively at this critical juncture. On top of it I feel so abundant and happy and confident and connected to my purpose at this point in my life. I know I have reached a turning point in my life thanks to all the healing that you did.

Kiara P. (Sri Lanka)

Thank you very much Nicole. I felt some sensation around various areas of my body with the abundance blockage clearing, and was drawn to the word spleen and a sensation on the left side of my back, also my knees. I have no idea if that was where you did some work? With the scarcity clearing as it was midnight here I was dosing off but suddenly jumped as I felt lots of strange movement feelings in my throat and I have never felt anything like it before! Fascinating stuff.

Zoe N. (United Kingdom)

After I had all of those previous healings with you, it was life changing. I got the message about what career (outside of the military) to pursue, in a dream. And then there were a few more synchonicities that occurred, letting me know that was the path to pursue without a doubt. And so now I started my 1st semester at grad school for social work. I was going to wait until next year to apply, but when I realized there was still time, I rushed to take the GRE, get recommendations, and apply. I only applied to 1 school and I got early acceptance! And acceptance into an additional credential program for school social work and child welfare. I'm very grateful, because I feel like you helped clear away all the gunk, so that I was able to receive that guidance! :)

Joy S. (California - USA)

I am really feeling great and I am so happy that you worked on all of the sessions that I had with you. The strange things that are happening is that when I went out for dinner I ate half and realized that the center was not cooked that well and they gave it to me for free. Also I took my friend out to breakfast and they did not give me what I had ordered and they also did not charge me for my meal. Then today I went to McDonalds for Oatmeal and I ordered 3 McDonald toys and they did not charge me for the toys. Does this make any sense to you? Can you tell me what I should be feeling now with this 3rd session. I just feel happier and I am not worried about my bills anymore. I am just thinking positive thoughts. Also my real estate sales seem to be picking up. The market has been dead for several years and I have a lot to make up. So again I thank you for all that you have done for me. It is life changing.

Linda R. (Freehold, NJ)

My Financial Blessing was truly a blessing indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed the session as I became so relaxed that I almost wanted to fall asleep. That night I had slept better than I have in months (insomnia issues due to money problems) and I woke up refreshed! The next day I went out shopping at the mall and I literally found a $20 bill on the floor in the ladies room - no one around. The following week my boss ended up giving me a promotion that I had been wanting for over seven months now. Your work is incredible! Thank you again!

Amber P. (Phoenix, AZ)

Thank you Nicole for your beautiful and strong healing work. I have had in person and distant healing work done in the past by quite a few different healers, but never experienced what I did with your session. I relaxed as you suggested for the healing work and when the healing session time came I became very calm, my body very heavy with an overwhelming sense of peace, harmony, and relaxation that I had never felt before. This was incredible. About half way through the session I started feeling more and more energy as if I was being filled with this brilliant energy force and at the end I could swear that I heard my guardian angels singing. This is the best session I have ever had in my entire life! Thank you again and may you be blessed with infinite abundance for all of the work that you do!

Chloe K. (United Kingdom)

Wow thanks! I actually forgot about the scheduled healing, but today I have felt that I have more energy. I went to the gym twice and I actually meditated thrice - perhaps my body wanted more integration. Thanks a lot! This is great! Thanks!

Martha Tara L. (Singapore)

I did enjoy the session there were moments when my body felt like being lifted up. Most importantly let me tell you what happened to me today:) I missed plane to Chile because I was late for the flight...( mercury, maybe ) and I got my ticket rebooked by the airline for tomorrow and it was totally free. The other thing I noticed is that I have problem with my right eye, I was born like that and lately the left and the right side of my face looked disharmonious and after the healing the next morning I looked in the mirror and it was gone:) thank you for everything!

Eszter B. (Hungary, Budapest)

Interesting thing that happened a couple of hours after the Abundance blockage clearing session. I found Au $ 20 on the grass, close to my picnic bag:) The fact is that when we went there with a friend of mine, I left the bag on the ground and there was nothing, only a few people walking past. We wondered around in the park to find our third friend. When the three of us came back to the picnic spot some minutes later and I was reaching for the bag, it looked as if someone has put the note after we had left the bag there, just a few centimeters from it. I thought this was the first gift from many to come!

Lyubka S. (Australia)

The sessions has a tremendous effect for me. A large part of the pain is gone. My pain was there for 4 years. You are absolutely right in that it is better for me to do all the sessions to have the best effect on my condition. That is what made the treatment so wonderful. Thank you so much for helping me with this! Appreciate it a lot.

Koon Yeow (Singapore)

Thank you! You came to me this morning in my meditative/dreamstate. That probably happens. You came in very clearly and swift, dressed in white saying you were so proud, that my healing went way better than could be expected. It was a great feeling <3 Also I has been given a white crystal that I was told should go on my crown, it was really big,, and today I saw a white merkaba symbol, so it seems everything is white. Just thought I should share.

H.L. (Norway)

Nicole, WOW. I felt that one! It felt almost like kundalini heat for a bit there. I first felt the energy heat just below my belly button, my power point, and it swirled around. Then it started to expand upwards and circulated through my heart chakra area. I had a kundalini awakening back in 04 and it kinda felt somewhat like that during this session. Thank you so much for the session!

J.A. (Vermont)

Thank you so much for your in-depth session and in-depth report! I really appreciate it. Your session seems very comprehensive and I felt some changes going on during the session time. And now I feel quite good and more positive, so something has changed.

L.F. (Netherlands)

Amazing work you do! I am floored by the energy I felt coming from you and the blessing! Can?t wait to see the results!

Sallie K. (Texas)

 Ms. Lanning, I wanted to send an email in to let you know of the results of the healings I have seen in these past few weeks with the Love Blessing, Financial Blessing, Quantum Boost Healing, and Karma Healings. For the love area of my life I have had nothing but GREAT turn outs in this area now. I have had three new men asking in a positive way to share their time with me and go out on dates seriously. For the money aspect of my life I have had one new job offer that I applied for over 9 months ago and heard they were not hiring any more people - this is amazing as I wanted this job for so long and felt crushed back then when I heard the news. The Quantum Boost healing I believe brought about this new boost of energy I feel everyday when I wake up and I believe it has even helped speed along the work with the other healings. For the karma issues, this one is a bit harder to speak of without going into every detail, but there have been huge changes I have seen take place already!

Gracie L. from Dallas, TX

I cannot thank you enough Ms. Lanning for the help that you have given me and my family with the Family Tree Clearing and the Karma Removal For Families. I wasn't sure how this would all work but we had tried everything else and the whole family was upbeat and positive about trying your healing work. Since the healing sessions the energy between all of the family members has shifted and is such a positive flow now. We have not had any negative issues arise from outsiders as in the past and the karma balance has been restored. Thanks again for your amazing work!

Alexandra P. - Canada

Thank you Nicole for the wonderful session we had together. I could feel the healing for the beginning part of the session but then I fell asleep. The connection we had together was so calm, peaceful, and relaxing that I could not believe I actually fell asleep during it. I have had many sessions with other healers before, and some I could feel and some I couldn't feel as well. I know each person "feels" the sessions differently based on the healer and the work being done. But I have never had such a calming state of energy come over me before and I will definitely be back for more healing work soon as your connections and healing are top-notch!

Kyle F. from Jacksonville, FL

Ms. Nicole, please use this as a testimonial for your website. I, as you already know, had the Energetic Alignment session done. After this healing my energy has gone through the roof. I knew that there were some issues I was dealing with, as I just "felt off". I cannot explain it much better than that, but I believe that everyone can understand what I mean. This session really hit home for me as I was feeling better and better each day afterwards and the topper was about 9-10 days after the healing when the big surge came in. I knew that the energy had finally integrated within all of my energy levels and everything was where it needed to be. I am feeling fantastic since the healing and want everyone to know how much of an asset you are in your abilities that you offer to the world! Thank you very much!

Tami J. from Nashville, TN

I was a bit hesitant to try something like healing for my issues but honestly I felt like I had tried everything else that would make sense to my rational side. I decided to take a leap of faith and try something more spiritual. I started with the Financial Blessing and without really knowing what to expect I went in head first and purchased this healing. Nicole is an amazing healer. She is very thoughtful, explains and answers all questions you may have, and is a true gem when it comes to this newbie! Within a week I was already seeing positive changes in my finances. Not major ones but enough to not be just a "coincidence" in my book. Within a month there was a major difference and not only had my finances turned around but so did my outlook on them. I have since tried a few other healings and have had similar results with them! Thank you Ms. Lanning for your gift that you share with the world!

Edward T. from Orlando, FL

Thank you for the healing work you did for my sister last month. I wanted to give you an update on how things are going. She is feeling so much better now. Each day her energy levels keep going up, she is moving around more and more, and she has her spunk back in her step! I can't thank you enough for this customized healing you did!

Tammy R. from PA

I don't know how you do it, but your healing effects are visible for months after the healing session has been completed. I have had healing work done by many other healers and I can feel the work being done sometimes and others I can't. The longest I have felt and seen the effects from any other healer has only been a few days. With yours it has been 3.5 months and I can still see the results. Absolutely amazing work!

Violet W. from KY

Thank you for the customized healing you did for me to remove the entities from within my energy fields. There were many different areas that we worked on but thanks to your work I feel free from them at last. It is a huge relief and am now really appreciative of the energy fields being clean and clear. Thank you again for your profound work!

William D. from CA

I wanted to update you on me and Isaac and the customized session you did for us. He recently sent me a text saying he wanted to reconcile our family and yesterday I got a card from him saying that he loved me. Thank you so very much.

Samantha S. from AZ

I've been having a difficult relationship with my boss. He never seemed to fully accept and trust me though it was him who decided to recruit me few months ago. However, few days after the Self Love Session, I noticed he started to relax and trust me, he even smiles more to me which is very good. Though the session was not intended to heal my relationship with him, I am glad it has a positive impact on how he perceives me.

Uty A, from JKT

Thank you Ms. Lanning for the work you have done for my health issues. I was not sure if healings were the way to go but I had tried everything else in my power to get my health better. After the scans were done and we could see what was happening on my energy bodies I am so glad I found you and your work. My ear infections and earache problems no longer exist. I had them, as you know, straight for 15 months and the doctors were of no help - neither were other alternative therapies I tried. After the work we have done together I have been free of these problems now for 6 months straight and counting! Thank you so much for the help you have given me and I look forward to working with you again!

Kirstin R. from New Mexico

I cannot say thank you enough for all of the work you have done for me and my family. The home cleansing and family tree clearings were absolutely amazing. There is now a light airy positive feeling in the home, no more negativity and emotional issues. The sessions have been three months ago and the family is getting along so much better than I could ever imagine possible! I wanted to give you this update so you could share this with your clients and post this as a testimonial on the website. Your work is truly amazing!

Matthew B. from Canada

I wanted to post an update on my weight loss healing and keep you informed of my progress. Since I had the weight loss healing two months ago I have lost 25 lbs and feel like I am on top of the world. No cravings as I had before. No eating out of emotional issues as I had before. No midnight snacking as I had before. It is incredible! Thank you so much Nicole for your wonderful healing abilities that you offer to everyone out here in the world!

Jackie R. from Australia

Dear Ms. Lanning, I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you have given me with the healing sessions and your advice for my spiritual coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the higher self merger healing as this is something I had been wanting to connect in with permanently for some time as my connections were always so flighty before. I access this each and every day since the healing session and the connections seem to be stronger and stronger each time I do. I have so much more knowledge that I never could access before. You have given me such a wonderful gift in this healing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rhonda W. - from Florida

Thank you so much Ms. Lanning for the Reverse Scan that you did for me. I knew that I had quite a bit of things attaching in within my energy fields, and I have been a healer for almost half of my lifetime now, but I did not know how to scan for these different areas. I know I had worked on the main energetic bodies but wanted something more in-depth! Your scans are do detailed and help out so much! Thanks again for the amazing work and now I know what I have to work on for my own healing advancement!

Judy Yobarba

Thank you Nicole for the wonderful session I had with my soul cleansing process. During the healing I had a vision of a Native American Indian who was accompanied by a grey wolf and white owl. This was truly amazing for me to experience!

Jessica L. from Phoenix, AZ

Thank you Ms. Lanning for your excellent service in the spiritual communication healing I had with you. This has opened up so many areas of my life that I did not even realize I had connection and communication points in. Since the session I have been contacted by my father who passed away 8 months ago. The vision came in so clearly that I was shocked and did not know what to say, think, do, or really anything at first. I know it was him from the information that was shared with me. I would never have been able to do this without your help and your healing work. The words "Thank you" don't seem to be enough in expressing my gratitude for the gift that you have given me with your healing. THANK YOU!

Tori K. from Washington

We had the infidelity healing to help repair the issues in our marriage. This is something that I wanted to have corrected as we both knew we made mistakes in our marriage and we should have never taken this for granted. But we did, and we knew we had to do something to move past this portion of our life so we could reconnect and move forward. I am so glad my husband and I found Healing Art Forms, as Nicole is literally an Earth angel who helped us through this rough patch in our life and marriage. She is confidential in her communications and is very supportive and understanding when working with such intimate issues as this. Since the healing we have both felt a major release through these issues. The negativity/problems have been removed and we can feel the energy flow between us again. It is like she literally took away the problems and gave us a new start in our marriage. It is hard to put these feelings into words, but she is literally a life saver. Thank you Nicole!

Uma & Thomas T. from CA

Working with Ms. Lanning on the weight loss session was something very life changing for me. I had been holding onto excess weight for many years and did the yo-yo dieting for a long time but didn't know how to really go about finding myself in a true light to shed this once and for all. I came across Healing Art Forms, and am so glad I did. The weight literally seems to come melting away from my physical body. My energy levels are up and I don't crave the over indulgent bad eating habits I had before. I am literally feeling like a new person is emerging through this excess weight I am shedding. Thank you Nicole for your very strong and powerful work that you do.

Mel B. from UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the session (financial blessing) I had with Nicole Lanning. I was not sure what to expect as this was something new for me but I knew I needed something to change and shift in my life. Within a week of the session my boss gave me a promotion that was completely unexpected. I thought it was just coincidence at first. But then I bought a scratch off ticket and won $50. Over the next few days money just started showing up in so many ways. The oddest was a $20 bill sitting on my lawn by my driveway and street. I thought maybe I had dropped it but I didn't have any cash on me at the time. The financial benefits still keep coming in! Thank you Nicole for the great results!

Cara G. from Bowling Green, KY

Again, thank you so much! I can't believe the difference in my life since you've done all of these healings. I feel amazing. I used to feel this haze of depression, loneliness, and hopelessness weighing me down that seemed unexplainable. For the first time in my life I feel content. I don't feel lonely anymore or depressed. I feel hopeful and awakened. I'm eating healthier. I feel more alive than I've ever felt. I've very grateful. Words cannot really express how much...

Joy S. - from CA

I had a customized healing session with you 6 months ago. This was for something I really needed to change in my life and wanted to keep you updated with my results. Since our healing session together literally every aspect of this situation has made a complete turn around. The person I was living with asked me to marry him, my relationships with my family, friends, and co-workers have improved 200%, and I am so happy that I walk around with a smile on my face all the time. I didn't realize this until literally my cheek muscles on my face were hurting from smiling so much! I honestly say I didn't even know I had muscles there that could hurt from smiling so much every day of my life. I literally feel like you gave me my life back. Thank you doesn't seem like enough to say for what you have given me, and from the bottom of my heart I appreciate and respect all that you do and know that you will always be thought of as an Earth angel!

Bobbie Francise. - from AL

I could literally feel the negative energy leaving my body. I had been so consumed with hatred, anger, negative energy, control issues, and self destructive patterns for so long. I knew it wasn't right and that I needed a change and a shift but didn't know how till I came across your online distant healing center. I don't believe in coincidence at all and knew this was for a reason. The toxic energy clearing was the best choice for my needs at this time and I appreciate your time in answering my emails so swiftly and the personal care you took in my case. Thank you Ms. Lanning.

Raven Tomeson - CA

During my healing session I felt like my body was literally floating. This was an amazing sensation as I have never had a connection like this with any other healer that I have worked with, in person or distantly. After my self esteem confidence healing session was over I felt like a brand new person. My friends and co-workers are even complementing me on the new changes in my life. Thank you for allowing this to be something very special and for the wonderful work that you do.

Christian Franksome

The Akashic Records Healing session that you did for me was out of this world. I could feel the connection from the moment we started till the very end. It is such a hard feeling to describe in physical terms, but it was such an overwhelming sense of compassion, love, support, releasement, and healing all rolled into one. I feel light as air since the healing has completed and wanted to thank you personally for all of the time you spent with me and the work that you did during our healing connection. Thank you Ms. Lanning.

Regan P. Thomason Jr. - UK

Working with Nicole Lanning has been one of the best experiences in my career and spiritual journey in life. I have learned some amazing things from her work and her guidance on my own healing pathway. I had many sessions with her, but the True Soul Patterning session, and I can honestly say with the issues I had residing at my soul level, from which I knew before I had the session, I knew that I needed some expert help in my own healing process. Nicole provided just that as she is the best spiritual psychic healer I have ever worked with, and I have been on my healing journey in life for over 28 years. Thank you Nicole for your beautiful work.

Samuel Riseman - NY

Nicole, your healings are amazing. I think the one that I received the most benefit for in my life that everyone else could see too was your family tree healing. This one not only touch my life but my families and the impact that this has made has been life changing for us all. Thank you very much for your work!

John Cabere - TX

Thank you Ms. Lanning for the wonderful work you have provided me with from your services. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the healings that I had done, as this was something that I had wanted to do for some time was to work on my energy fields and my spiritual connections. Your healings have truly made a difference in my life as I started noticing changes from my healing sessions within a week of the work and the process continues to unfold in my life each and every day I can see more changes occurring for the positive. One session has already completed I can tell as my finances have changed around dramatically for the better since working on your financial sessions. My love life has improved greatly and continues to get better and better with each passing day. My spiritual connections have deepened and I can see such a change in my daily meditations and connections with the spiritual realm. Thank you for the work that you provided for me, as I appreciate you, your time and your healings!

Rob L. from Miami, FL

Working with Ms. Lanning has been a gift in my own life. I have tried everything else I could think of to work on healing the problems in my life and my doctors and therapists had given up hope. I was not about to allow my life to slowly slip away. I had an energetic scan to see what I had to work on for healings so I could proceed further with something, as I wanted my life back. I then had a customized healing with Ms. Lanning and I can say that my life has made huge improvements. I have been dealing with some major health issues for over 30 years of my life and I know that they will not all change over night as I learned that it time for them to get this way, but even within 30 days of my healing work with Ms. Lanning I have noticed major positive changes in my health that even my doctor's asked me what I was doing to change things around. Thank you Ms. Lanning for your wonderful services in helping heal people like me around the world!

Katatina Rameres (New York)

Your work is amazing. I loved the healing process that I received with the Divine Connection and can already see a difference in my own energy. It has been 2 weeks since our session together. The day of the session I felt a very calm relaxation come over me and allowed my own releasement to take place. Since then my energy has gotten better and better with each passing day. Thank you for your wonderful work and all that you do.

Miranda R. in Nashville, TN

I had the Subconscious Matrix Clearing with Nicole Lanning. With this session, I first came to Nicole on dealing with issues of negative mindset. I always thought things were my fault, thought I could not succeed at anything, had many failure issues, and felt like the whole world was sitting on my shoulders. That was a lot to deal with for one person. This was all from my upbringing mostly and I had tried hypnosis work, releasement therapy, journal work, meditation, and other types of alternative things but the issues were still there on a constant basis. I came across Healing Art Forms on what I thought was a coincidence but now looking back I could see I was drawn to this work for a reason, as I wanted help. 24 hours after the session I started feeling better. 7 days after my mindset was almost completely clear of these issues. 15 days after they were gone. I had this session 2 months ago and have not one one single negative thought pattern that I had prior since then! Thank you!

Victoria H. from Little Rock, AR

Thank you for the Energetic Sponge Reversal session I had with you. It has been two months now and I have not felt better in my entire lifetime. I was always soaking up others energy and carrying this around before it worked damage on mine. I noticed a major difference in my energy the very next day as this was changing and integrating the work that had been done in our healing together. I no longer soak up my husband's energy, my families energy, my students energy at work, or the other teachers energy when we get together for meetings! I love the healing work you have done for me as I feel as if I have a new lease on life! Thank you aagin!

Jen B. from Miami FL

I purchased the Love Sessions through Healing Art Forms with the Self Love, Love Meter, Love Blessing, and Soulmate Blessing sessions. I had these all done with Nicole within a few days of each other. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I have had other healing work done for my love life but nothing really seemed to come from it. I decided to take one more chance when I came across Healing Art Forms. I am amazed at the results, as I had seen 7 other healers, 4 psychics, and 6 energy practitioners and nothing ever came of the work. With these four simple sessions with Nicole, my energy turned around and my love problems were gone. I am now in a fully committed relationship that has been going strong now for over 6 months (3 times longer than any other relationship I have ever had in my life) and it keeps getting better and better each and every day. Thank you so much Nicole for your wonderful work!

Kathy L. from Chicago

Nicole, I would like to say a big "Thank You!" for the healing work you have done for me and my family. I had the Family Tree Clearing, the Karma Removal For Families, and the Parental Connection healing sessions as these were the major areas in my life that needed healing work. I had been blessed in other areas of my life except for my family issues, as I had a dysfunctional family and needed help. I had the healings with Nicole about 2 months ago, and from the beginning you could see changes in the family dynamic. With each passing day and week things got better is such major ways. We had tried therapy but nothing seemed to help change these issues as it was barely scratching the surface. 2 months seems like a long time, but not when you have been dealing with major family problems for over 40 years just in my lifetime. Thank you Nicole for this wonderful new life you have given to me and my family and I look forward to seeing even more positive effects as the days progress!

Calvin A. from Dallas TX

I had the True Soul Patterning Session with Ms. Nicole Lanning and I would like to add a testimonial for the site for this. I thoroughly enjoyed the healing session I had. I knew I needed to work on a deep soul level healing as I have had some soul cleansing work before, but nothing seemed to go deep for this work to be as thorough as I needed it to be. I have worked with other healers and practitioners in the past but this is literally the very first testimonial I have ever offered any healer as I am a very picky person about my life, energy, and healing work. She answered my questions thoroughly before I purchased a healing with her. But her healing work - WOW! Her energy is so unique in its own right with the way she connects in for the healing and how she knows the issues she is working. She is truly gifted with her work and her abilities. Ms. Nicole Lanning is someone I recommend to all of my family, friends, and co-workers for their own healing, as I put my trust in her work!

Sofia Whithermore

Thank you Nicole for my wonderful session. During the session I was felt a relaxing sensation at first when we began and I could feel all of the emotions riding up and waiting for the releasement. I am so glad I had the Emotional Balance healing session with you as you have no idea how long I have been dealing with these issues and needed someone of your expertise to help with this work as I tried all of the writing exercises, tried working in meditation, and tried journaling work and even did some support groups, but I needed the healings to go deeper within my energy and this is exactly what you did! The words thank you don't seem to be able to express the love and gratitude I have for your work. I hope you use this as a testimonial for Healing Art Forms as I want everyone to know you are truly a gifted natural healer!

Trinia Connor

Thank you so much for your healing services that you provide. I deeply appreciated the intense healing work and the deeper connections I have received since working with the Divine Source healing session. It is fantastic how these things can shift and change and can open up areas that you never even thought you could! Thanks again Nicole!

Marcia Radenn

My healing session was after I had an energetic scan with Nicole. First, let me say that Nicole's scans are the most informative that I have ever seen. I have had a few other scans done by some people in person and distantly, but nothing compares to her work as she goes above and beyond what any other healer I have found out there will do. She is thorough in her work in all aspects. I wanted to do a scan to see what was going on within my energetic fields and see what I could improve upon. After I received the report I read and re-read this as it is alot of information to take in at once. I then decided on letting go clearing to begin some healing work. I could immediately tell when my session began as I was relaxed and calm. Her energy is so strong that you can tell she has a God-given gift and uses this for the highest good to help others! Please share this on your website Nicole if you wish for your testimonials so that others can enjoy your work too!

Samuel Wilming

I had the most amazing healing session with Ms. Nicole Lanning dealing with my financial issues. The energy was incredible, and I have had healing sessions before with other healers, but no one has ever come close to the vibrational level frequency I had felt during my session with Ms. Lanning. I felt on top of the world and within reach of all of my financial goals.

Thomas L. in Australia

Dear Nicole, My name is Elizabeth and I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your services. I have had some of your healing sessions over 5 years ago, have since received many of your free attunements, work through your online video program, have read all of your books, and listen to your radio interviews when I can through podcasts. Your knowledge and dedication to your work is wonderful and you are an inspiration to us all. I am looking forward to more of your healing work, as I had tremendous results with your financial and love sessions and want to heal on a deeper level! You are an amazing healer and wish everyone can learn from you as much as I have!

Elizabeth Grandia

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Letting Go Clearing about three months ago with Nicole Lanning. I had some major issues in my life that I needed to let go of but wanted to prioritize them and work one on major issue at a time. The one I asked Nicole help with was letting go of the hurt that I had been dealing with from my family. I grew up in a very negative household and was put under so much stress and controlling issues from this. My parents have since passed away and my siblings and I do not speak but I still had these issues. She was amazing. Her email support was fast as she always answered me within a day, sometimes within hours or minutes. Her session helped me to let go of these issues and be able to move forward with my life. I am not held back anymore and feel better than I have ever felt in my entire lifetime. It has been three months so far and I am looking forward to seeing how things progress from here!

Scott Broussard (Dallas, TX)

Ms. Lanning's session are fantastic! I started with some basic ones (Aura Healing and Chakra Healing) to see how I liked her work. She is very thorough and has the highest energy that I have ever connected in with as she truly has a connection unlike anyone else I have ever worked with for healings. I then purchased her soul mission and healed these areas in my life PLUS she confirmed the soul mission I am currently working through and brought to light my next soul missions once this one has been completed. She has a gift unlike any other! Thank you beautiful Earth Angel for the work that you did for me and all of the others around the world that you have helped!

Angela Weinmere

Energetic Fog session is probably the best session I have ever had for a healing. I don't think there is enough spaces in this testimonial for me to type up the issues that I was having, but I can explain that I had every single one that is listed on the description AND more! I knew as soon as I clicked on the healing sessions page that Healing Art Forms was for me. I had this overwhelming sense that I was in the right area to approach my healing work with someone who had advanced healing abilities. As I scrolled down the page the Energetic Fog session seemed to literally jump right at me. I clicked on it and read more. I knew this one for exactly for me! I noticed results within a few days and now I am writing this testimonial 100 days after the session and am still feeling as good as I did those first few days after it. Nicole's sessions have lasting results! Thank you for your excellent work!

Maxwell Steinlomm

I received the control clearing session with Nicole Lanning and had great results. I was dealing with some very controlling family members in my life (parents and siblings who followed in their footsteps) and wanted to break free from underneath this web of energy. I broke off communication with them after countless attempts at trying to work things out and meet on some middle ground, but nothing worked. I then started looking for some help and this is when I came across Healing Art Forms. Since the session with Nicole I have felt such a drastic change for the positive in my life. I no longer have a fear when the phone rings wondering if it is someone from my family, as they have stopped the calling. I no longer get that pit of uneasiness in my stomach and I feel as if I have been reborn into a new life free from their control. I knew it was possible I just didn't know exactly how until I sat down and prayed for an answer and that was when I came across Nicole and her work. Thank you.

Maye L. - Orlando, FL

Thank you Nicole for the Childhood Trauma Releasement session you did for me about a month ago. Since then I have had such wonderful results I wanted to send in a testimonial. I had some major issues to work through from my childhood such as parental favorish, harsh punishments, mental and emotional abuse, and sexual issues too. This has something that has troubled me for over 30 years of my life. I had seen therapists, spoke with pastors, read what seemed like almost every self help book I could find, did as many releasements on my own that I could do but nothing scratched the surface. I came across your website looking for hope and found much more than that. I didn't know what to think but knew I had tried everything in my own power to get these issues resolved and nothing had worked. Since then I have seen a major change in my life. I no longer have two negative habits that stemmed from my childhood & have forgiven both of my parents. Thank you for this life changing experience!

Bubba J. from Hot Springs, AR

My Buster (my loving dog of 8 years) needed some help with some physical issues. He was getting on in age and I didn't want to put him through a ton of tests but rather help him to heal and live the best life he could through a more natural means. I started by purchasing Ms Lanning's book on PCH for Animal Companions and the issues he had to deal with I started working on immediately. He was so responsive to this type of work that I came back to Ms Lanning for an animal healing session. Buster is walking better, eatting more, and is acting like his normal self again with the crystal healing I did and then the healing session with Nicole. She helped him in ways I could not on my own!

Buster & Cathy (Baton Rouge, LA)

I had the Angelic Rebirthing session with Nicole Lanning and it was amazing. I could literally feel the entire session she completed. It was like being reborn into the arms of angels. I felt enclosed in such a loving and peaceful cocoon of energy that I have never felt before. This was simply a process that I should have done years ago. Thank you Nicole for your abilities of healing and helping others to heal themselves.

Martha Pralone

Thank you for the wonderful session we had together Nicole. I was a bit skeptical of having a healing session done but there were some things I needed to work on in my life and had tried everything else and thought why not, as I was open to correcting the issues that I had. I purchased her energetic alignment session to start and I can say that it has changed my energy in a whole new light. I was one to brush off healings as something for the "odd" people to do and didn't believe much, but I knew deep down what I was doing wasn't working so I had to seek help from someone who did know how to help me.I refused to feel like a victim anymore and I am so glad I came across Healing Art Forms when I did, as I have now claimed back my energy, my life, and my happiness! Thank you again Nicole!

Richard B. from TN

Working with Nicole is something that you should really enjoy. Her work is unique and her own, as she is one of the most respected healers out in the world today. I did much research on choosing a healer for my own issues and wanted the best. I wasn't sure what session to start with so I contacted Healing Art Forms for some help. Nicole personally answered letting me know what she could do for the situation I was having. I combining a few of her healing sessions together from what she suggested. I had the Breaking The Cycle session to start. This one did major changes in my life as I could tell within a few days that the session was already working, but I knew it would take some time for the full results to set in as nothing happens overnight. By the time the full integration was completed there was so much that had changed I was shocked. She is such a giving soul to work with and I have come back for a few more sessions to clear up a few more issues. Thank you Nicole!

Cameron A. from SC

I had the Financial Blessing, Abundance Blockage Clearing & Poverty Scarcity Clearing sessions done with Ms. Nicole Lanning. My session with her was out of this world. During the entire session I was so relaxed that I almost wanted to fall asleep but I was still conscious to know how I was feeling. I had the session with her 37 days ago when sending in this testimonial. The first few days I didn't notice any change, but as she tells you things have to integrate so it was hard for me to be patient but I did and focused on money, abundance, and her session working. On day 6 (not even a week after the session) I had an unexpected large amount of money come from someone who I never thought they would pay me back. On day 11 I won $50 on a scratch off ticket. On day 14 I got a pay increase at my work. On day 22 I was walking my dog and came across a $5 bill. On day 31 I played the lottery numbers and didn't get them all but won $100. That is good enough for me! Her work is amazing!

Donald J. from Florida

Your sessions are incredible! I was so amazed at the results that I will be coming back for more and referring many of my friends. I have had healings in the past with other people, but nothing came close to what I felt with your sessions and the results speak for themselves. I am a results oriented person and you can deliver. As a testimonial, please share that I had your relationship cord session done first. Within 1 week the person and our relationship has skyrocketed to a whole other level. I cannot thank you enough for this as it felt like I was running into a brick wall before your session and now I feel like the sky is the limit! Thank you for your abilities, knowledge, and work that you share with the world.

Steph W. from Kansas

I had the Energetic Scan done with Nicole Lanning and I have to say it was amazing. She can scan for areas that most people don't even know how to. She is very thorough in her scans and now I know what needs to be corrected on my energy work. This makes it so much easier for me to know what healings to work with, as I don't want to just guess or shoot in the dark. This was so helpful in the long run as now I can see what I should work on, what is going well with my energy, and what needs just a bit of help! Thank you Nicole for providing this as one of your services, as I know it helped me in my decision making process and I am sure it will help others as well. You are welcome to share this on Healing Art Forms if you think it will help people too.

Michael B. from Maine

I did the opportunity attraction session two days ago. I can't BELIEVE THIS!! I haven't had a client in over a year that wanted to pay me it was all work that was free on my part or we traded services but honestly I just wanted the money (some of the services I didn't feel were needed). This morning I got an email a woman had seen my business cards at the store and wants me to send her a whole bunch of them to include in her christmas cards and gifts because she doesn't have a car now to drive to the store. What a TOTAL Surprise!! (and yes you can use this email as a testimony) I couldn't have asked for a better present myself. At first I thought it was just her signing up but it sounds like it's going to be more clients then just her. thank you sooo much!

Leya Schiller

Thank you Nicole for your work healing work that you provide to the world. I came across Healing Art Forms when looking for reiki healing and was amazed at what you offer. I decided to purchase the Financial Blessing because of a lot of debt I had in my life. I had worked with some healers before but never had any long lasting results. I felt an overwhelming since of trust from your site, testimonials, and thought I would give it one more try. I know there are many out there that claim they can do advanced healings and with great results, but I had not come across a single one until I found you. You are amazing in your direct connections, as these are so much better and can be felt as opposed to people working with intention and proxies. You truly are gifted in every way with your healing abilities. If you would like to share this as a testimonial on your site, please do so. Thank you for the wonderful healing and all of the positive results I have seen from this!

Gregory Lambert

Dear Ms. Lanning, Thank you for the energetic barrier session you did for me. All of the issues I was dealing with with my boss have been blocked and I am so happy. It was so hard for me to go to work and deal with his negativity all the time and constant insults. I need the job to support my family but couldn't take the energetic and mental abuse any longer. After you did this session it got a million times better, and I do mean that. My boss has not stopped his behavior but it is no longer affecting me in any way. I feel happy, at peace, and it just bounces off of me like a rubber ball. I don't dread going to work anymore as I can now focus on my work and not have to worry about my boss and the issues I had to deal with. This has changed my life in so many ways. I am so glad I came across your website. Thank you for your high quality of healing work.

Tatina S. from Texas

I had the Energetic Sponge Reversal session with Ms. Lanning and I wanted to leave a testimonial for this session. Nicole's work is amazing in its own right. She has an ability to work on your energy unlike any other healer out there. I used to suffer from absorbing others energy no matter what I did. I hated going out shopping, going out to eat, pretty much anything as the energy was so intense. I did every single protection and alternative form I could find under the sun, moon, and star but nothing worked. When I came across Healing Art Forms I didn't buy right away as I thought it is just another one that won't work. But something about this kept calling me back, so I emailed Nicole to ask more questions. She was very helpful with her answers & felt I had to give it one last try. The session was incredible! I started to notice a change w/in a few days and now I am going out and having fun. I am no longer absorbing other energy and get to finally enjoy my life! Thank you Ms. Lanning!

Pearl Langmore

Hello Nicole, I had to email you and say a BIG THANK YOU for the karma session for my family issues. This has changed the life of everyone involved. The issues we had with love loss and financial loss is gone. We had this problem going on for many generations and when it hit my own life I said enough was enough and that is when I started looking into alternative solutions as I did not want to suffer from these loss issues anymore. Since the session (around 6 days after it all started to change) my mother has a new boyfriend (and I think he is a keeper!), I got notice from work that they are not going to lay me off, my daughter got a stable job, my brother received a huge promotion, my grandmother met a very nice gentleman in their retirement community, and I even won $100 on a lottery ticket! I am shocked at all of the benefits from this session as they are huge! Please use this as a testimonial if you so choose to let others know of your amazing work! Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

Mary Gustovame

Hi Nicole: I just had to share but I went to the doctor that I was going to for lyme treatment. Since the healing last week all the lyme infections I had two everything with that is totally GONE!!! I couldn't believe it and the only thing I have left is a hormone problem that I only have to do with one supplement and a diet. I'm so excited because it's only been a week and it will really be exciting to see how things are in a month with the one thing that is left YAHOO!!! :D Thanks so much :-) Blessings!

Leya Schiller

I am so glad I had an opportunity to do a testimonial for my sessions. I had the True Soul Patterning, Light Body Ascension, Divine Source Connections, and the Energy Cleanup sessions with Ms. Lanning. First let me tell you about how much I enjoyed the sessions. A session with Nicole is something you will never forget as she is very professional about all of her work, schedules in sessions when it was convenient for me as a client, and the energy - WOW! Ms. Lanning has an amazing gift with her healing work. She is a true natural born healer, and an affordable one too! I have had many healing sessions with others literally around the world - in person and distant healing and nothing compares to Nicole's work. She even customized a healing for me to deal with some more extensive issues. She knows her stuff when it comes to this work, and I have met a lot of healers who cannot compare to her work in any way. No regrets as she is as good as gold in the healing community!

Valerie Connemiot

I have worked with many healers over the past decade & even studied and practiced the healing arts for my own personal & professional growth. Despite the healing modalities & practitioners I worked with in the past, I have never had such dramatic results as I had w/ Nicole. Initially, I started w/ the soul retrieval session for divorce recovery healing & since then had several more sessions for other aspects of my life. There is something definitely unique & profound about Nicole's work. Furthermore, I feel she is sincere, caring, & professional at every step of the way. Also, her prices are very reasonable considering the life-long positive effects of the healing she provides. As a health care student, I was on a limited budget but I decided to invest in myself. I know I made the right decision to come to Nicole for my healing needs because I wanted to make some serious life-long changes in my life & Nicole was the best person to facilitate my healing journey in all aspects of my life

Patricia W.

Wow what an amazing session.!! I found myself thanking the soul fragments that would be returning to me , leading up to the session.........After the session, for several hours after the session I felt a lot of anger and impatience. I did not know where that was coming from but knew it had to do with the session and allowed the feelings to just be and process through, after a couple of hours I found myself hugging myself and again just thanking the soul fragments for returning and letting them know I knew they would return when the time was right and that they knew it was safe to return and that they are know safe. Each of the time frames that the soul fragments return is so on target as to events in my life. I again say wow. I know I have had many sessions with you this year -the one's I have felt major shifts have been angelic rebirth, dna, love-meter reset and now this one. With each one I am and have seen pieces of the wall I had around my heart just fall away.

Melissa Bass

WOW! I had the money healing work done with Nicole about a month ago and ever since then things have changed in many ways in my life from a financial aspect. I got a raise at my job that came out of the blue, I had money paid back to me from my one friend (who I never thought would pay me back), and when I purchased a lottery ticket I won! I didn't hit the jackpot but I have never won anything on the tickets I have ever had so this was HUGE for me. Thank you dear sweet earth angel Nicole for your wonderful work!

Robert A. Randolle

Thank you for the wonderfully powerful True Soul Patterning session you did for me Nicole. I can say that this is the best session I have ever had with any healer out there and I have been having healings done on and off for over 30 years. Nicole is very gifted in what she does and stands out head and shoulders above the rest! Thank you for my session!

Phil M. from Ohio

This session (Death Clock Clearing/Reset Session) was so profound for me. I had always had a fear of when I was going to die, as both of my parents had passed away at a younger age, and this was something that was always looming on my mind. After Nicole Lanning's session, this created a shift within my energy fields as well as my subconscious and mindset. I was expecting to feel lighter in a way, which the feeling I had surpassed anything I could have ever hoped for, but the shifting of my thinking was what surprised me as well. I realized after this session that it helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined! Thank you Nicole for helping me take back control of my life and for sharing your wonderful abilities with the world!

Wendy Ronzona - CA

 Nicole Lanning's work is phenomenal! I have had many different types of alternative therapy work done in my life, but none had last results. I could feel a difference in my problem areas within 2 days after I did a customized healing with her. I am writing this testimonial and it has been over 8 months and I feel better than I have in the last ten years! She is very thorough, honest, and is looking out for your best interest when she offers her healing services. I have trusted her to help me in a time when everyone else said they didn't know what to do for me. Thank you Nicole for your exceptional work!

Meredith G. from Michigan

I had the Energetic Cleanup Session with Ms. Nicole Lanning. I have to first say that she is very professional with her work and providing you with support every step of the way to explain to a newbie like me what is going on through the energetic issues and session. I have had a few healing sessions before with local practitioners (UK) and distant work completed too. I had heard about Nicole's work from a regular client at our bakery. She hah such changes in her life with Nicole's sessions that I had to experience it myself. With this session I felt tingling sensations throughout my hands and feet and felt as if I was floating for part of the session. I could "feel" the energy work being done while she was working through our distant connection. Her work goes beyond the average normal healers, as I have a few friends that are healers and have had sessions with others, but this is a true gift that Nicole has. She is, in my book, the top healer in the world today!

Tonya M.

Thank you so much Nicole for the Soul Mission session you did for me. This brought about such a calming and relaxing energy all over my body during our connected session. I was a bit hesitant about having a "distant healing" session as I have never had one before and didn't know what to expect, but your session was amazing. I have had in-person sessions before and have never experienced the types of response as I did from your "distant healing session". I am a true believer. From the session, I can now understand my soul mission areas in my life, and you are spot on with the information you provided. I have no idea how you would know that these were my soul missions as I had never spoken to you before, but your gifts are truly amazing for the healing aspect and knowing how to "read" at your soul level! Thank you very much for the session, know that I will be back for more, and please use this as a testimonial for your site if you feel inclined to do so!

Stephanie J.

I enjoyed the Love Blessing Session. I was deeply relaxed the whole time and wonderful visions of an unknown partner holding me in his arms. I felt love all around me and now I feel much more relaxed and recharged. Previously, I felt stressed out from my studies so it was just what I needed to reset my energy and be refreshed...(Concerning another session) But the strange thing is when you were working on him, I felt the healing energy around me. I had to lie down and rest because I was feeling a swirl of positive energy around me....your work is very unique.

Patricia W.

From my first contact with Nicole, I knew I found the right healer for me. She is so thoughtful, considerate and conscientious about everything with me, that I've always felt well taken care of. She is a delightful presence in my life and has become a dear friend. I've learned much from her and I know my life is richer with her in it. May her blessings be many and may her light within, forever shine bright.

Rochelle from Texas

Simply amazing. During the first 4 hours, I felt energetic, but by mid afternoon- I took a nap ( totally unusual for me, I am always on the go) and I was in bed by 9:10. This morning I feel tired but calm and when I read the section on my soul fragments, I became very emotional. I have to say, that I was aware of "something" all day yesterday and I was a bit unfocused. Again, I feel truly blessed that you were revealed to me. UPDATE: I have journeyed from world weary to elation & exuberance in less than 24 hours- now I am officially amazed. I know people think that they cannot afford this, but they really cannot afford not to do it...the full customized session is truly the way to go..the smaller sessions for me anyway, merely grazed the surface...and thank you for your time in always answering.

Melissa K.

Nicole, I just had to thank you and let you know how helpful your Crystal Healing For Animals book has been for me to know the right crystals to use and how to use them for my elderly dog. The vets are at a loss on what to do for him and have basically given up, but after getting your book and using specific crystals for him, he seems so much more comfortable and has more energy than he?s had for the past year. I?m so thankful and grateful for your book. Thank you!

Diane B.

TRIO FINANCIAL SESSIONS: I definitely could tell once the session started, I always feel it first with the throat palpitations. I slept better last night than I had in a couple of weeks. On a funny note, I had joked that I wouldn't buy any lottery tickets until we had the session. So today on a lark, I spent $10 on 2 tickets and 1 turned out to be a $50 winner. Now I don't expect to win on every ticket I buy and I don't buy them often, but I have to take that as a good sign. UPDATE: For the first time is 19 years, I got hit with a virus and my computer won't boot past the blue screen. So up to the company I buy from it went. They just called and its fixed in 1 day, YAY! They also had a special this weekend, virus and malware removal $50 instead of $125!!! UPDATE: I cashed in $8 in lottery tickets and got 4 more. I got a $50, $10 and $4 and yes, the $60 went in the pocket, so the computer repair was actually free. I sure hope this keeps going!

J Jones

I have ordered about 8 or 9 of her healing sessions and every time she is the sweetest person to work with and the results have been shocking a life changing every time. I did her anchor removal about three weeks ago now and at first I didnt' believe it would work but I was hopeful. I've been hesistant about everyone one and then things have just happened with every one. You think after the 9th one I would learn that they are real but I'm still in shock with each one. About a week after the session a friend of the family offered me my perfect job, and today it's been about three weeks I found out I won free life coaching with a national trained life coach. I'm so happy. I needed a mentor and I was praying I would find someone before I ordered her session but nothing was an open door until after I did the anchor removal. I'm so thrilled things are finally turning around!! this week


Thank you Nicole for your healing sessions. I was a bit skeptical in doing something like this, but I really didn't know where else to turn for help so I listened to what I think is my intuition and decided to take a step towards helping myself. Your Energetic Cleanup session is the best. I feel so much better having done this and know that I will be back for more healings to help complement this one!

Mae Mae

Nicole, you really are the best healer in the entire world. I have tried sessions with other people, and I know they say that everyone experiences things differently, but with Nicole you can feel that you are getting a good session. Sometimes I felt calm and relaxed, other times I felt overwhelmed by this sense of positive healing and love vibration. Nicole lets you know what she does when the session has been completed, always provides followup support, and can help you through many areas of your life. I came to her looking for help with financial issues, and within 4 days of her Financial Blessing and Abundance Blockage I had opened up two other areas for money to come into my life, I received two past due checks that I had been waiting on for 7 months, and my sister paid me some money that she owed me! I then took her Angelic Rebirthing healing session and during this session everything seemed lighter, brighter, more at peace, and an inner calmness about me. Thank you Nicole!

Mackenzie R.

Thank you Nicole for the sessions that you did. I had alot of problems going on in my life, and in pretty much every area. I wasn't even sure where to start but contacted Nicole as I wanted to literally have her work every session she knew how to do for me as I literally wanted to start over with a clean slate. I purchased every session she had, as well as did a few customized sessions, for some particular issues. Nicole worked with me every day for a few months to complete all of these healings, and even when scheduling times had to be changed, she was more than accommodating. Her work, in one work, EXCELLENT! Nicole is the best healer I have ever worked with. Many healers promise results, but Nicole delivers them! She really is a natural born healer and has helped me in many ways. I did extensive work with her, and started noticing results within a few days. Thank you for all that you do and the healer that you have become!

Dalainey H.

I wanted to leave a testimonial for Nicole Lanning's work as I have searched through many healers in this world to help with my physical and spiritual issues, and have found that Nicole is the real deal. She has literally changed my life and shown me the way to take back control and have the life that I want. There are many "healers" out there in the world, but Nicole has a gift that is very unique and hard to find with her own attributes for her connections, her healings and the way she has developed them, as well as how she works with her clients. She really is the best healer you will ever come across in your lifetime. I have done hundreds upon hundreds of so-called healings with other "practitioners" out there seeing who can help me. She not only helps me with some major issues in my life, but even corrected issues that the others could not. If you are reading this testimonial, take it from someone who has been there and back. Nicole is a true healer!

Joyce Blaenon

Thank you Ms. Lanning for all of your help on my customized reiki energy healing session. I believe that I had more than the typical issues for healing purposes and thought it was best to have a session done for my individual issues all at once. To be honest and to the point, I didn't even know if something like this would help, but have tried pretty much everything else out there that and nothing made a difference. The healing session itself was a bit longer because it was customized work with Ms. Lanning, but it was well worth it. Within a few days my physical body was feeling better than before, I had more energy, alot less pain, and my emotions were happy and light, not consumed with all of the gunk from before. My meditation connections were so much more enhanced and was not being drained from outside connections. You are my own Earth Angel and want to thank you from the very depths of my soul for the work that you provide to people every day!

J.T. Lainey

Thank you for the healing. In the beginning of the session I was meditating and I felt light like I was on an elevator going down and it was a REAL strange feeling and then I bounced on the bed like I was leaving my body so I went with it, then I felt like I was out of my body and everything was great until I fell asleep, then I started to have a bad dream and woke myself up out of it as I layed there I felt like I was going to throw up and my head felt like someone hit me with a hammer. I thought to myself what the hell is in there that's making me feel this bad, that feeling lasted for about 15 Min's then it went away. After the 15 Min's of feeling that way, I felt like I was light again and I started to see chakra colors and I started to giggle and thank you for this because I know all the nasty things t that have happened and I knew I was a mess for many yrs and and I also knew that I needed to be cleaned out but I could never find what I was looking for till I found you :o)


Hello Nicole, Thanks again for this healing session. I really felt this session at my core level. It actually felt like the negative energy was being released from my physical body. I am not into meditation, but was relaxed during the session. I opened my eyes because it felt like someone was pulling all of this gunk off of my body. At some point near the middle of our session my body felt light as air and could hear these humming sounds. I even ended up seeing angelic wings right before I opened my eyes for the second time. It was so amazing to have someone of your expertise do this healing session for me. Please post this on your testimonials for your Light Body Ascension work. It is simply amazing, if anyone wants to know!

Casandra Basse

Nicole, Thank you!! when he got up this morning he was singing and dancing and said he felt like a million dollars and wanted me to email you to thank you. He also said at the begining of the session he saw a tornado like cloud above him and it sucked out 6 grey hooded people he said he couldnt see any faces, and then he said it realy scared him but felt he was protected at the same time. Im greatful for your services and after we move im going to take your online classes you provide, im a Reiki master and love doing healing and I want to learn . AGAIN Thank you !

Otis's Session

Thank you Nicole for offering these wonderful healing hands services. I cannot praise your work enough. I will explain a little bit about her work here for others to read. Nicole is a very practical person for one being involved in the spiritual world/realm. She will give it to your straight and will not sugarcoat things. If you want the honest truth and need help in changing things in your life, she is the best with her energy healing, spiritual healing, Reiki healing - and all through her distant healing techniques. Her healings are phenominal, her teachings are the best and I am learning so much with Holistic Healing Minute, and her one on one coaching and psychic services are spot on! She is the real deal and will help you in all walks of life! I love her work and how she helps people globally to enhance our lifestyles as an entire until of consciousness!

Katlyn Wilson

I came across your website looking for energy healing that could help me in different areas of my life. I had no idea that there were so many things out there for people to try. Nicole Lanning is an expert in this field and had helped in on many occassions with things in my life. She really does know this work (energy healing, spiritual healing, and Reiki healing) inside and out and is always improving her work to help others with her distant healing ways. I have benefited from her healings and her teachings on Holistic Healing Minute. She is practical and down to Earth in her approach to healing and life in general!

Jennipher Jacobson - Franklin Shops West

I have tried a variety of Healing Art Forms healings and blessings and I have to say they are the best around. Nicole offers top-notch service and always provides extra support when needed. She really is the Next Top Spiritual Healer out there in the world today. I highly recommend having sessions done with her, as she lives and breathes this work. It is not just something she does on the side, but this is her calling in life. Five stars!!

Silver Pack Wolf

I am amazed at how I feel. It is like being in a new body and I finally have control! Thank you Nicole!!!

Walter N.

Thank you is not enough to say for this work that you did. I feel like I have my life back! There are no words to describe this. You are an angel Nicole!

Becca Thomas

This is a great session and wanted to leave feedback for your website. This is such a freeing experience and can make you feel on top of the world. I want to share with anyone who reads this that this session is for real, as I have been practicing energy work for over 20 years and it is hard time find a "real" practitioner, and I can honestly say Nicole is one of them! Please trust her work and show her the respect for these sessions and her forms, as she is the REAL DEAL! I hope this feedback helps those who are wondering or not sure, as I know what that is like.

Jackson R.

Thank you for such a beautiful session Nicole. This was so much needed as I know I had spirits attached for a few different reasons. I can't believe how free I feel now. So much more happiness and positivity in my life. This has lifted such a huge weight and I am eternally grateful for this service you provide!

Jennifer T.

Thank you Nicole for this session. I wasn't sure if this would help, but afterwards I can definitely feel the difference and know that this has worked. I feel so much more free and light and happy! Thank you again!

Kimberly Davis

What a wonderful session Nicole! I absolutely loved the energy and feel during and afterwards and know that this has worked! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Janet Rebee

I loved this session Nicole! It made me feel so much better and will make sure to protect myself as well as release emotions before they build up and manifest! Thanks again for working on my session and working with me about the protection!

Patrick Commonlinn

This is such a special session to have as I know about soul fragments but never knew how to get them back to my own true soul! Thank you Nicole for offering this session at such an affordable price. I know you are such a wonderful healer and am so glad I have come across your path in life to find your services! Thank you for this wonderful session your provided for me! I feel so much more like ME again!

Jason Proctor

I am so glad I had this session done! Nicole I feel so much better and whole again! Thank you and your animal guides for assisting me in this session!

Randolph Milles -UK

Nicole, this was a wonderful session. Great energy, I became so relaxed I fell asleep during the session and didn't wake up till the next morning. I haven't slept that good in years. I feel so alive and will be in touch with more feedback for you on this soon! Thank you for the session!

Brenda L

This was an amazing experience to have. I had the Soul Retrieval session with you about 2 months ago and felt like I was whole ago, but still had a hard time with the behavior issues and letting go. When you mentioned this to me, I knew it was the right thing to do and have done. I feel so much better now and am so glad I had this session done. I not only feel whole again but feel so alive and free from everything! I can see things clearly now and can't thank you enough for the wonderful work you do for not only me but others you help as well! Blessings on all of your work and you!

Calvin B.

Thank you Nicole for your wonderful work in this area. I have been looking for a person who learned how to do Soul Cleansing for quite sometime that didn't charge a fortune to have this done. I absolutely loved my session and would recommend this to anyone who wants to experience an absolutely soul searching experience of themselves. I am so much free-er and can see things so much more clearly now and am not judgmental and can see the error of things I did in the past and have left all of the negative behaviors behind! I loved this session and can't say thank you enough! You are the best!

Melissa L. (Sydney, Australia)

This is such a wonderful and unique blessing I have received from Nicole. I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect but had an open mind. Issues I was dealing with concerning my biggest fears have now gone away. They were brought to the surface and I faced them head on with all of the energy of the blessing and the healing afterwards it was very easy to face, deal with and release for me to move on. Thank you for the wonderful session Nicole!

Samira Rawen

Thank you for this blessing Nicole. I had alot of issues dealing with self confidence, and self esteem and along story short didn't think I could have anything or was worth to have anything so needless to say it took me some time to work up the courage to even buy this for myself, but I thought what the heck I have to do something. Ever since your blessing I have been feeling absolutely wonderful. I stand up for myself now! I don't let people take advantage of me! I don't get pushed around anymore! I know I am worth everything and anything I can desire! I owe you a huge gratitude of thanks for providing a service like this, and I want you to share this testimonial with others, all I ask is that you please not use my real name but rather my name that I was given by my pagan circle, as I am starting a new life now! Thanks!

Raven - Denver, CO

I have had three new job offers and even an offer a promotion from this blessing. I thought why not try it, she gives free booster sessions and let's see what else I can do to get my career a jumpstart somewhere. This is incredible! Thanks!

Joseph Bredstone

 Thank you Nicole for this wonderful blessing. I thought I would never get out of this rut I was in, and now I can see many different avenues to take and they are all within reach. I can't believe how quickly this worked. Within 24 hours I had one opening, and now 8 days after my session with you I have 4 different positive openings on which road to take. This session works! I bought it on a fluke when my husband saw your site, and now I am a true believer in this type of work. Please use this on your webschool and healing center as a testimonial if you want.

Pamela C.

This session was wonderful! I felt the energy at all times when Nicole was working on my energy fields. I know that this session has worked and can feel the energy differences! Thank you again Nicole!

Thomas Robesent

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful session! This is the best session I have ever had in my entire lifetime (48 years old) and in my entire spiritual path of this type of work (29 years). Thanks for the wonderful session! May you be blessed with protection in every way, shape and form!

Rose K.

I loved the session I had. I am going to get some more for the other areas in my life I need help on. It really works!

Wanda Reed

Thanks Nicole for providing this session for me! It really helped!

Ray Lee

It was a complete success on my end and really am enjoying the benefits of it afterwards. Thanks Nicole.

Larry D.

Thank you for the wonderful session! I really enjoyed this and feel like I am free of this past lifetime!

Amber T.

I had the worst luck for as long as I can remember, even as a child I was unlucky. Since your blessing session, I started playing the lottery again and scratch-off's. I haven't hit it big on the lottery, but I always get 5 tickets for scratch-off's and always win on atleast 3 of them each time. Before I never won anything! Thanks for shifting this for me. I feel a new man and have a new life ahead of me.

Jake R.

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful blessing. I believed I was cursed from a gypsie along with my family line for many years. I have seen the transformation and am ordering ones for everyone that is being affected by this. Thank you for offering such wonderful blessings at affordable prices. Your work speaks for itself! Thanks again.

Joanna L.

Followup from Samantha Yerling: THANK YOU NICOLE!! I don't think I can say thank you enough! I had you perform a Love Blessing for me and my boyfriend, at he time, and was trying to stay positive and think good things as I really wanted to move our relationship forward and I know he did as well as we talked about it all the time, but we just hadn't gotten to that level! Well I have some wonderful and happy news! We are getting MARRIED!!! He proposed to me over the holiday season, just 6 weeks after your session! We are planning a spring wedding and want you to come!! Please use this as a follow up to my earlier testimonial for your website, as I know you are the real thing and hope everyone reads this and knows you are one of the few who know what you are doing in this line of work! I am planning a wedding and have your work to thank for giving us that extra little nudge!!

Samantha Yerling

Thank you Nicole for this session as it was wonderful. I could feel all of the energy work you did and can say I am so excited to see the results of the work! I will keep a positive outlook and things and contact you again and let you know what is happening! I am hoping this is going to be that extra little nudge I need!

Samantha Yerling

Hello Nicole, I wanted to keep you updated after the Love Blessing you did for me last month. Things have changed so much Nicole I can't believe it. I was shocked at first and said ok this is just a coincidence, but then things kept happening I was stunned. My boyfriend started opening up more and we have progressed even further in our relationship. I have been feeling so much better about issues with my family as well and they ave been treating me so much better lately. It seems as if love is just beaming from me no matter where I go or who I come in contact with. I cannot say enough about your blessing! I am going to try the Financial Blessing next! I can't thank you enough!

T. Hanerl

WOW! I loved this session! Things have been let go and I can finally move forward. I didn't really realize how much was being held in the matrix until you preformed my session last week. Since then I have felt like a huge weight has been lifted and feel as if I can conquer the world! Thank you for such an amazing healing!

James Bronter

Thank you for such a great session Nicole! I loved the energy flow I could feel and can't wait to see how this can effect and change things in my life. I have heard of your work through some friends and they have all had great success with all of your attunements, healings and blessings. Joy even had the Karmic Matrix session done and I couldn't believe the results she had in her life, so I am so glad they referred me to your site! I loved the session and will be back for more!

Janice L.

I wanted to send a testimonial for your Karma Cleansing session as I wanted to let everyone know how this session has helped me and to let them know that this is a for real thing to give it a try. As you know, I was having all kinds of bad luck and know I had karma issues from this life, and possibly even previous lives (not quite sure though about the previous ones). It felt like everything was always going wrong and everyone else was having it so easy. I was lost and didn't know how to turn it around. When I had this session done with you, I felt so much better, like being filled with happiness again. I started noticing things change in about a week or so. At first I thought this is just a coincidence, but then more and more started happening and changing. I wanted to send you an email and say thank you so much for this! You are such a gifted person and I am so glad to have come across this! You make things available to others and am so glad to have met you in my life!

Kris Neriol

Wonderful session I had. Thank you very much for this and the results I have been seeing about 3 weeks later. I felt very energized after the session and was staying positive as your recommended. Then all of a sudden it seems like things hit as a lightning bolt. Then so many positive things started happening and changing. I wanted to say thank you again for this session!

Marice Romeriz

Thank you so much Nicole for this session. I love the energy flow I felt and things started turning around for me within a few weeks. I was a bit concerned as I was hoping to see things the very next day, but understand that things take time to heal and work through. I was so excited to see things start going in a more positive direction and felt like I had control over my life again and not being held down by these karma issues. Things have been going great since and I am trying to make better choices to keep the bad karma at bay. Thanks again!

Kristen Fritanmit

This session was so powerful I started to cry and let go of all of my past childhood traumas. Thank you Nicole for providing this type of work!

Julie Premee

Thank you for the wonderful session Nicole! I am so happy now and have let go of all of the past child issues that were upsetting and holding me back. I love this type of healing!

Marcia Smithe

I loved this session so much Nicole! It felt as if someone was cleansing everything away and I had a fresh start. I made a point to make sure I was meditating during the session, and surprisingly I was able to stay in the NOW through the whole session and not drift off to sleep. This has been one of the best sessions I have ever had with any healer! Thank you again and please feel free to use this as a testimonial on the school store's website. I want everyone to know this is an absolutely incredible session! Thank you again!

Karen Thomason

Thank you for this wonderful Illumination Session!! I feel more alive, like I'm a freespirit & my connection to life, the Earth/nature is in tune with the ideal version of unity within us all. This is a very beautiful session to experience. I was pleased that it also dealt with Shaman energy & the Inca Indian Tradition. I felt the connection with their ancestors today during my session. I did fall asleep during the very end of it...I woke up more energized & feeling more filled with the light & love of myself & for all life on this Beautiful planet, that we are always connected to one another & separation is an ILLUSION.

Melinda R.

I absolutely loved this blessing and cleansing Nicole. I can't thank you enough. My home feels so much better walking into and I recommend this for anyone who wants to have a peaceful place to live and have everything at ease. Thanks again!

Carolyn Wakemon

Thank you (Nicole) for the work you did on my home. I can't believe the difference that we feel before and afterwards. Before we had this done it felt like we would walk in and hit a brick wall, and now things feel so much more flowing, positive and comfortable. I am so glad I had you do this on my home, and please list this on your site as a testimonial, as this is the real deal. Thanks again and I will keep you updated on the progress we make with the negative entity you removed during your session.

Jennifer Trinem

I can't believe it Nicole - I wasn't sure about getting this as I have tried things like this before - but all I can say is WOW! This has helped me so much in my life and my business I have started. I am so much more positive and love my work and don't sit here and worry and the money just keeps coming in an coming in. It is well worth the $40 I spent on this as I have made ten times more then that in just one day! So wonderful! I want you to share my story with everyone as a testimonial on your site! Thanks again!

Jake R.

It has been awhile since I last had a chance to email you but wanted to let you know how things are going. I enjoyed the Financial Blessings Nicole did for me. Things have changes so much and I can't believe I waited that long to purchase it. I thought it was just another thing out there and didn't want to spend that kind of money. But I can definitely say it was well worth it! Nicole designed a wonderful healing blessing session that works wonders. I am so glad I decided to get this! Blessings!

Logan T.

This is incredible! I love this type of work and never thought anything like this would work, but decided to try it and see. I am so impressed with the results as well as your professional work, that I will be back for more things in the future. My wife is so happy now and we don't have to worry about money issues. We are not rich but are not struggling anymore either! We both thank you!

Jason M.

All I can say is that I wished I had seen this before now! I tried almost everything to help bring more money into our finances at home, but never had any luck. I tried the typical looking for extra work - but who wants to work more then they have to. I tried the lottery - but you and I both know the odds of winning that are. I tried spells - and I never really believed in them, so I think I put my own negative thoughts into those, as most of the people who do those say 'stay positive or it won't work' - so that was my own down fall. But your's - well I can honestly say that I was thinking it would be another thing that wouldn't work. BUT IT DID! I can now work from my home with my company and have brought in more clients this month than any other months before and the phone calls keep on coming. Thank you so much, as this is a true financial blessing.

Karen Wollen

Thank you so much Nicole. I wasn't sure if this would work or not, but saw it on your website and thought 'why not' - and I will admit I was very skeptical - but it?s been almost a month since I had my session with you and WOW!! My husband doesn't have to work his second job anymore because my online business has doubled!! Its wonderful - I will definitely be back for more of your healings.....please feel free to share my testimonial with others if they want to know.

Donna T.

This has helped so much Nicole, it is amazing! The same day I had the session with you my contracts have increased, which will help us start chopping away at some of that debt and my wife got a call about a job interview!! You work is amazing!

Kevin Pollacksi

I can't believe how much better I feel after the session. It is incredible. Thanks!

Timothy L.

Thanks so much Nicole. I feel so much more like "myself".

Mary Robinson

This is probably one of the best sessions I have ever had, and I have seen alot of different practitioners. Thanks so much Nicole!

Betty P. - Ireland

I can really feel the difference. It is wonderful and has such a freedom quality about it. Thanks!

Willaim K. - Australia

Amazing session Nicole! I really feel alive! Thanks so much!

Nancy Carlon

Thank you for this session. I feel like I am a million bucks!

Pamela Jenkins

This is so cool! I can't believe how great I feel after the session. I can't remember the last time I felt this good and didn't have those "knots" in me. Thanks Nicole!

Phil Rolands

Thank you Nicole for a wonderful session! No more knots and feel great!

Martha Wallace

I loved this session Nicole. I feel so alive after the work you did for me. I can't wait to see the things happen in my life. I am mostly working on receiving from the heart and following my dreams, and I know this will come true. Thanks again for the beautiful energy work that you do and all that you help! You are one of the truly gifted people out there that want to make a difference and help people in any way you can. Blessings to you and all that you do.

William D.

Follow-up from Karna: Nicole, I can't believe it! If it wasn't happening to me I would say that it wasn't true! After the session you performed on me three weeks ago I was focusing and stay positive like you suggested. I was not sure how things would work but had faith! My marriage improved as I wanted, my husband and I are communicating more openly and freely. I got the promotion at work and my salary increased. My kids come to me with the problems they are dealing with. And literally things seem to fall into my lap. Abundance comes in many forms and I knew this before, but this is like an abundance flow in such a strong way. Everything I wanted to have open up and receive has been coming in and I am receiving like I have never done before! Thank you so much for your help. Please use this on your website as a follow-up to me previous feedback, as I want everyone who sees this to know that this is a wonderful session to have to learn to accept things into your life and not think it onl

Karna T.

Thank you so much Nicole for the session! I felt like I was floating for a while and then felt as if I was surrounded by dolphins and their energies coming right at me! I feel so excited and can't wait to see the results! I will definitely keep you up to date on my progress! Thanks again my energy sister!

Karna T.

Nicole, I wanted to thank you for providing this wonderful service. I had a session with both of you for different reason and loved each session. Both of your choices of crystals for each session were perfect and I cannot say thank you enough as I can already feel a difference and know the energy is working!

Marissa Wellmon

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful session! I loved the healing work with the crystals and the energy that I felt! I know this is going to help with my issues so much! Thanks again!

Carol Minandan (Australia)

Another wonderful session Nicole! I have had such positive progress with this healing that I decided to leave a testimonial for you for this one. I am no longer angry all the time about everyone else's issues. This is such a wonderful thing and clears out everything holding me back. Thank you.

Mark Williams

I loved this session as afterwards it felt light a huge weight had been lifted completely off of me and nothing was going to hold me back. I can't thank you enough Nicole.

Naema Troam

Thank you Nicole for the CRH session. I enjoyed this session so much and had such positive effects afterwards that I am going to get one for my husband as well. Thank you again!

Jackie Prillen

Wow! What a difference this session made in my life! I know it has been awhile since the session, but wanted to see how things changed before I emailed you. It is like having a weight lifted from my shoulders! I have so much more energy, don't have the anxiety about certain people and things. I feel alive again! Thanks for the great session, it is life changing and can't say enough about it!

Marian Troboe

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful session! I feel so free and light now and have noticed a big difference before and after the session. The people are no longer draining my energy and I feel as if I let go of the past and can move on easily and effortlessly now! Thanks again for your wonderful work!

Jackson Wolper

I feel like a million pounds has been lifted off of me. I can't thank you enough!

James K.

Thank you Nicole for this wonderful session! I feel so much more energy and don't feel weighed down anymore. Thanks again!

Rebecca Johnson

I always knew that the Akashic Records were there but didn't know much of how to get to them to work on any problems I had. When a friend mentioned you did this work, I knew I just had to have a session. It was one of those things you just know deep down in your gut. I can't say thank you enough, that is why I wanted to type this testimonial for your website! Thanks Nicole for this session! I can tell I am free of my past lives, and now am going to work on my Karmic Matrix Removal to remove anything from my ancestral line! Thanks again for this session, it really was wonderful!

Thomas R.

What an incredible session! I loved every minute of it! I can't believe how amazing I felt afterwards and still do. I haven't thought about my fear of not having enough, or not being able to make ends meet, or live from pay check to pay check. I love working with the Law of Attraction, and now since this session Nicole things have come into my life left and right, it is so truly inspiring and amazing! Thank you for the all the wonderful work you provide to not only me but others as well. You truly are a blessing to have on this planet!

E. Michael Matthews

Thank you Nicole for this session. I can't believe how I feel. As you know I had a terrible fear of snakes, and now it is like they are not there! My son's still has his pet snakes in the house but I can walk by the cages and not think they are going to be jumping out at me! I finally feel free of the chains that were holding me back! Thanks for the great session. I will send more feedback as time goes on, but please use this as feedback for your web school store.

Carolyn E.