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All of our energy scans are done through a distant energetic connection. An energy scan is a tool to let you know where the problem areas are within your energy fields, to locate the root problems on an energetic level of any specific issues or to locate problem areas here within one's energy fields, their relationships or their home/office. Think of an energy scan like an X-Ray for your energy fields, patterns and layers. Each and every scan is unique and specific for the client's needs. Energy scans can be customized for any issue (physical/health, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic problems), situation, relationship or location (home or office).

With our energy scans you will receive a full report of all of the problem areas that were located during the scan session. Our energy scan sessions are just the energy scan session itself, as these do not include healing work. If you wish to follow up individual healings or customized healings after the energy scan session we will also provide these options as well as pricing for them. Again, please do note each person's energy scan for their issues are unique and different due to the problems within their energy fields and their pricing and quotes for customized healings will be different based on the issues that are worked on. Please select any energy scan session below that best suits your needs or if you have any questions about the energy scan sessions feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]

Customized Energy Scan Session - 2 Hours - $199

This is a 2 hour energy scan session. The customized energy session can be customized for any one specific issue you want to work on. This can be anything from physical health issues, emotional instabilities, home energy issues, situation issues, relationship issue and much more. This session is customized for one specific issue or problem, such as a physical health issue dealing with immune problems, spiritual attacks from outsiders or attachments, home energy problems and even relationship problems. A relationship scan is a customized scan as we connect in with both parties to see what issues are between the two of their energy fields causing any issues. You will receive a full report of all of the issues for the one specific problem you asked us to scan about the following morning after your scheduled in appointment time. No issue is too big or too small to scan in the customized energy scan session.

Full Complete Energy Scan Session - 8 Hours - $499

This is an 8 hour energy scan session. The full complete energy scan session covers all energy patterns within your energy fields to locate any problem areas here to work on. For this session a total of over 140 areas will be scanned for any problem areas (blockages, energy anchors, damaged connections, negative energy patterns, toxic energy patterns, attachments, programming patterns, paradigm patterns, energetic barriers, etc). This scan session is something that many of our clients have done for those who want to see where all of the damage is to either work on repairing these areas individually or in a customized healing session. The complete scan is very comprehensive and gives you an exact breakdown of all of the areas and what problems are where for all areas of your energy fields. With this type of scan session, and follow up healing work, it is to bring your energy fields back to where they are for 100% positive energy flow for all of them!

Full Complete Scan Session Covers All These Areas: Abandonment Pattern, Abundance Pattern, Abuse Trauma Pattern, Acceptance Pattern, Akashic Records, Angelic Rebirthing, Astral Cords, Attachments-Additional, Attraction Opportunity Pattern, Aura Attachments, Aura Layers (main 7), Belief Pattern, Blockages -Additional, Body Systems (Cardiovascular, Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Integumentary, Lymphatic/Immune, Muscular, Nervous, Renal/Excretory, Reproductive, Respiratory, Skeletal, Urinary, All Connections), Cellular Pattern (Basic), Chakra Cellular Memory Pattern, Chakra Points (main 7),Chakra Points (minor chakras), Chakra Cords, Co-Dependency Pattern, Communication Connections, Control Pattern, Cosmic Implants, Curse Patterns, Cycle Patterns, Dark Side Pattern, Death Clock Pattern, Demonic Attachments, Destiny Pattern, Divine Source Connections, DNA Pattern, Emotional Armor Pattern, Emotional Balance Pattern, Energetic Alignment, Energetic Barriers - Additional, Energetic Borders/Boundaries, Energetic Knots, Energetic Leakage, Energetic Openings, Energetic Overflow Areas, Energetic Signature, Energetic Weaving Patterns, Energy Anchors - Additional, Energy Holes - Additional, Energy Rips - Additional, Environmental Connections, Etheric Blueprint Pattern, Family Grid Lines, Fear Pattern, Financial Pattern, Floaters, Forgiveness Pattern, Four Lower Bodies, Grid Planes, Grieving Pattern, Guilt Pattern, Higher Self Connections, Home Energy Patterns/Connections, Hot Spots Areas, Interdimensional Planes, Imprinted Layers, Incarnation Connections, Inner Child Pattern, Karma Pattern (Basic), Karma Pattern (Family), Karmic Barriers, Karmic Cords, Karmic Implants, Karmic Imprints, Karmic Matrix, Karmic Vortex, Life Activation Pattern, Light Bodies, Love Meter, Love Pattern, Meridians, Negative/Positive Crystals, Negative Etheric Implants, Negativity Patterns, Open Connections, Open Transference Points, Paradigm Patterns, Parallel Existence Connections, Parental Connections, Past Life Cellular Memory Pattern, Past Life Implants, Past Life Karmic Imprints, Past Life Portals, Portals (Additional), Programming Patterns, Protection Pattern, Psychic Attachments/Implants, Relationship Cords, Resistance Pattern, Scarcity Pattern, Seal Connections, Self Esteem/Self Confidence Pattern, Self Love Pattern, Self Punishment Releasement, Self Worth Pattern, Seven Plane Level of Energetic Reality, Sexual Energy Pattern, Shadow Attachments, Silver Cord of Life, Six Realms of Existence, Soul Pattern (Basic), Soul Contracts, Soul Mate, Soul Matrix, Soul Paradigm Patterns, Soul Retrieval, Spell Pattern, Spiritual Communication Connections, Spiritual Dimension Pattern, Spiritual Entity Attachments, Spiritual Intrusions/Bagage, Spiritual Parasites, Subconscious/Conscious Alignment, Subconscious Matrix, Ten Bodies Patterns, Third Ear Pattern, Third Eye Pattern, Thirty One Planes, Three Sheaths, Toxic Energy Patterns, True Soul Pattern, Tunnels/Wormholes, Voided Areas, Vortex Points and Younger Self Pattern.

Here is a sample of what one of the scan reports will look like. Please do note this is just a couple of areas listed, however you can see how we explain what issues are within each area as well as how the energy flow is and the vibrational level for each one.

Sample Section Report:

Abundance Pattern: For this area of your energy fields, I located a total of 4 blockages, 1 toxic energy pattern,2 damaged connections and a lot of leaking energy from this area. The toxic energy pattern is connecting in here from a parental influence in your life and has been here for 6 years my dear. This is causing the vibrational level to be much slower for this area. The vibrational level for this area is at 35%.

Acceptance Pattern: When I scanned this area I located a total of 4 old programming patterns (all connecting in from your subconscious), 1 blockage, 1 outside male energetic signature attachment connecting in established 2 years ago and a lot of pooling energy here. The blockage here is deteriorating causing some energetic debris within the pattern as well. The vibrational level for this area is at 45%.

Belief Pattern: This area has a total of 3 energetic barriers placed here 6 months ago, 13 months ago and 5 years ago. This also has a total of 1 small energy anchor hidden 4 layers deep within the pattern and 1 old releasement here that is dealing with a parental issues as well. There is some pooling energy here around the energetic barriers causing the energy flow to be much slower than it should for this area. The vibrational level here is at 25%.

All of our energy scan sessions are done through a distant energy connection in a meditative state. This is done through your name and location and scanning on an energetic level for your energetic signature. Once your signature is located a protection is placed around you during the scan session while the scan sessions takes place. All energetic scans come with a complete report that will be sent to you the following morning after your session explaining everything that was detected during your energetic scan.

Our energy scan sessions do not include a healing session, as they are strictly for the energy scan session itself. If you wish to have a healing session based on your energetic scan results, feel free to let us know and we can work with you one on one to provide you with all of our healing services to help you heal your concerns in a complete and thorough manner. Check out our individual or customized healings if you already know what type of healing sessions you would like to have or contact us with any questions about your new healing work!