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We have a lot of new changes coming soon to Healing Art Forms. We are hoping these will be ready here by the beginning of 2022, however when they are fully ready each will be posted on the website as well as announced of our Facebook Page.

*New Practitioners: We are planning on introducing two new practitioners here to our site within this year. They have to finish up their training with our program as well as finish passing the practitioner testing and feel comfortable working with clients. As soon as they are ready for this they will be announced here as well as on our Facebook Page.

*New Books: We have a few new books on the horizon. These will all be about teaching healing work, as many of you have asked about training and making this affordable for everyone, so we are taking our mentorship program and turning this into books and workbooks for all to learn. These will be available through Amazon and the website and will be co-authored by Reiss Lanning-Haas dealing with energy and spiritual issues.

*New Audios: We are planning on new audio sessions for those who would like to work with healing sounds and subconscious work. More to come soon!

*New Training Program: Our new training program will be ready here soon, as this will cover topics such as how to connect in with a person's energy, how to scan your own energy or other;s energy, what to scan for (problems and issues), what energy patterns to scan, how to remove problem areas correctly and safely, how to repair damaged areas, all of the energy modalities to use for them as well as different types of flushes and booster work for them. All training is in manual form as we have found this is the easiest way for the majority of our clients to understand the material. Completion length for the program varies from person to person, but on average this can take someone who is dedicated to learning 6-8 months to complete fully.