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How To Help Heal Addiction Issues

Posted by Nicole Lanning on September 18, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Disclaimer: This information is not meant for medical treatment of any addiction habit in your life, as you should seek care from a medical provider. This information is meant for educational purposes on alternative therapy to be used as complimentary to your traditional medical care.

When working with addictions it is important to learn how to help heal addiction issues in a complete and thorough manner. It is not just about stopping a behavior you have been doing for a good portion of your lifetime, but how you can balance this in all areas as well. With addictions you can work with many different methods to give you this balance you need in your life. Some that I will be providing for you in this blog posting are dealing with self healing methods, affirmation work and positive visualization. There are others you can also tap into which can balance the physical body such as eating healthy, staying hydrated and positive forms of exercise. So let's get into some of the healing aspects for this.


Self healing is one of the ways you can help with addiction issues in your life. This can vary from self healing energy forms, energy balancing by a practitioner to help remove problem areas within your energy fields or other methods such as crystal healing and sound healing. For working on self healing energy forms, start with a basic energy healing format such as Usui Reiki and work on the self healing positions to get the positive energy flowing here. You can then enhance this by removing blockages, old programming patterns, energy anchors, etc. It is good to start with the basics here first. You can also amplify this by adding in some crystals for your healing work such as Amethyst, Iolite and/or Lepidolite. For sound healing you can work with Tibetan Bowl or tuning forks to work on balancing all of your main chakras. It is best to match up the sound for each chakra and balance all of them first and then work on any specific one if there are additional problem areas here.


For affirmation work it is about finding a positive affirmation to release this issue from within at your soul level as well as the subconscious, mental grid plane and mental lower body. When working with affirmations it is about working with one(s) that resonate within your own energy fields, that they are in the present tense as well as positive for their statements that you are reprogramming within your mental status. Here are some examples you can work with for them. If you wish you can change the wording around to fit your needs, as remember it is about finding what resonates for you!


Affirmations For Addiction Issues

I am free of controlling substances and am in control of my own life.

I am taking control of my own life.

My decisions are within my control and my hands.

I am in control of my own decisions.

I am surrounded by people who love and support me.

I find it easy to make the positive decisions in my life.

I have the ability to stay in control of my life.

I am strong, in control and happy with my life.


Moving on to positive visualization now, this is a big key to working on addictions as well. Positive visualization can help with the emotional, mental and even physical issues of recovery. When you focus in your visualization sessions you want to take some time for yourself, close your eyes and calm down your body and mind. For this you then want to focus on a white screen out away from the physical body, as if you were looking at a movie screen in a theatre. Once you have this screen you want to start playing a mini movie here for what you want to change in your life. See this as a mini movie playing out for these changes. Maybe it is you want to stop a drinking habit and seeing yourself sober and in control. Maybe it seeing yourself stopping a drug habit and seeing yourself healthy, happy and in control. Maybe it is you want to stop a shopping habit and seeing yourself happy in your life and walking past the stores with a smile on your face. Whatever the addition is, you can see the way you want this to change and be for your recovery. Focus on your visualization three times a day if you can (morning, afternoon and evening) and allow time for the Universe to align this as well.


It is about getting your mind-body-spirit back to a healthy and happy state of being and know that you can do this! You are a strong person and can make the change, as it is within you!


Author: Nicole Lanning, found of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with out tips on how to help heal addiction issues or contact us today for an energetic body flushing session today to help with your natural healing work.


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